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It seems if you are a patrotic American who believes in the constitution and not socialism, then you too shall become an Enemy of the State !
I am not anti goverment, I am Anti Bad goverment!
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The people should not fear their goverment, their goverment should fear the people!

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


So we citizens shouldn't own guns or defend ourselves? Yet DHS has massive stockpiles of ammo. Even the IRS is armed to the teeth,it seems every Govt agency is now armed. We have police departments getting APCs and training from Mercenary's ? Yet the Supreme court has proven the Police is not responsible for protecting us.

Obama is purging the Military of members who Honor the Constitution. Members who won't shoot U.S. citizens. Turning the military into an openly Gay military. Putting women into combat situations. Banning the Navy from wearing a flag that means everything to them. Creating a Politically correct pussy Military who is so demoralized they have no desire to serve let alone fight if need be.

Ordering Border patrol officers to stand down. Shit don't want to keep out them new Democrats now do we?

I thought the new influx of illegals was for jobs,but a very observant and astute Ghost pointed out Nay work my ass. Every illegal with feet in the U.S. when Amnesty is approved will be honest to gosh U.S. citizens!

Obama can't spend money to increase jobs,but yet willing to blow a bundle on Climate control!!!! Fake science if there ever was!

Now they want to hire Blackwater types for defense? WTF?

Now as our Buddy 3%4 Freedom once told me. At least with U.S. military you have rules of engagement, when you see Mercs in your area GET THE FUCK OUT ASAP, they have no rules of engagement.

Since when in a FREE Country does the Govt force you to buy ins? Pimping for Insurance companies it seems to me!

If this man and his regime are Not out to destroy this Country,what exactly are they trying to do?

Voting doesn't seem to work. Yet the Tea party,Christians,Vets,Patriots, anyone who disagrees with O an co are Domestic Terrorist, What you believe in the Constitution ? You are Evil You are working against everything Obama is working for,You need to turn in your weapons,pay your taxes to support those poor illegals and 5th gen welfare mamas,swear your support to Obama and Soros and Rockefeller and Gates after all they know whats best for you poor ignorant dumbasses. They are trying to create a perfect world where all are equal You know the lazy and the hardworking. Of course since you are so stupid and they are smarter than you,why, they must Preside over you!

Now just because some things don't seem right. Spending money on Climate control when real terrorist can come across the border like the Mexicans and others well you are just stupid,obama is gonna play 18 more holes. Now just because our power grid seems vulnerable to you,well you are a Domestic terrorist, the real answer is to arm the TSA. That will solve it!!! Funny how initial reports said the shooter was a TSA employee, then suddenly he was a pissed off Crazed Patriot. Funny how his S&W m&p 15 was an M-16 with grenade launcher. Wow you people are just paranoid Terrorist.

Seriously Voting doesn't work, whats left?


  1. I can't speak for others but I grabbed the ball and I'm going home! I won't play a game when I'm not allowed to win.
    Don't play the game, work for cash or barter as much as possible. That will reduce your tax load a lot.
    Buy staple goods and turn those FRNs into real tangible good you can use!
    Don't be a debt slave: cut up your credit cards and go to cash. Get rid of all debt or as much as possible.
    Take control of your life: Will you cower with a phone dialed to 911 when someone kicks in your door or meet that person with a 12 gauge filled with double ought buck?
    Will you have basics on hand or whine it's to expensive to prepare?
    Have you learned new skills from baking bread to raising a garden?
    Have you learned that fiat currency and paper is worth the value of paper? That goods that help you survive and thrive are the only things of value and are still relativly cheap?
    You can't fix what is wrong by playing the same game as the PTBs. You have to exit that paradigm and find what your purpose is, your passion.

  2. Fine advice my lady! And I am following as much of it as possible. Always have!




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