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"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Most dangerous Terrorist group of all?

Homeland security has placed an American born actor on terrorist watch list because he supported a movie on banning natural gas drilling. I personally think we should get as much energy from home as possible but does this mean he doesn't have right to argue for his point of view? Hell no! It's America terror watch list??? Scarier by the day! I think we know who the Real Terrorist are!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Obama and U.N. working to take your arms!

Folks I can't keep thinking about the Traitors in our Government! I knew Hilliary Clinton was trying to get us in the U.N. to take our guns and at first glance this is military arms but no this is armed citizens.Big no no, they do not like armed citizens! I caught an article in 2010 American Rifleman which Uncle Vlad has posted.

Everyone in our Govt who has a hand in this needs tried as Traitors immediately! They are asking U.N. to check us out for Human rights violations! Some, no, Most of these country's have no idea what a human right is! In the process they are using human rights to steal ours! The right to keep and bear arms is ours! I have put up with much bullshit from these liberal fuckin nazi's And This is where I draw the line! You tax me for stupid shit to make others rich, you are bleeding my country dry,I have gave up many of my rights,This one you Must TAKE by Force, are you ready I AM! You are turning my free country into a Police state,even reporters are being arrested! You fucks will keep pushing until you get the War you want! I am just one of many who is fucking Sick and Tired of your Bullshit.Soros must be very proud of Obama and Clinton!

Napalitano has her list.Well guess what Bitch we have list too, A list of Traitors. You sick fucks swore an oath to the Constitution and yet you laugh at it and circumvent it every chance you get!
This will not be forgotten by WE THE PEOPLE!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Daily dose NWO bullshit!!!

Warning from China? N. Korea posturing or getting ready to fight?

If you haven't yet caught the day the dollar died see it here.Possible scenario!

Let the MAN beat you! Do not cover up, do not protect yourself!

Big Bro taking over Houston!

China and Russia drop the dollar this is huge!

No problem with missing radioactive rods UNLESS someone opens container! Oh ok cool.

Banks in trouble grows to 860!

Three more Countries about to hit the Shitter?

Hell WE oughta bail em. Finish off U.S sooner than later,ya know!

Now we're talking Euro and Dollar hit the shitter at the same time! Got Silver,Gold, better yet ammo?

Big Sis code name ( DYKESTER ) wants behavior scanners!

Mayberry,Bashing William,Ken you boys better stay home from here out.I think ya'all might just set em off!

New era of unrest! Ya think?

Fighting back?

Fighting back pt#2 Buy silver destroy JP Morgan?

Becoming a tyranny? Shit I thought we was there!

Does make ya wonder what happened to freedom of speech,which usually includes the press.

10 step program for EU countries.Sounds like good advice for US of A too!

Well I reckon thats enough happy holiday info for today!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving day.

Happy Thanksgiving day to All! I was trying to stop by each blog I read and say Happy TG but dang I read a bunch of ya. I don't have time to hit all ,so to those I missed it wasn't because you don't matter kinda weird maybe, but ya all feel like family. Like family I talk to some of ya everyday, some twice a week,some a couple times a month,some only couple times a year. Like family we lost some members like 3%4 Freedom and Did it my Way. Probably others I am not aware of. So for all my family, blood or internet I am Thankful!!! Friends and family are worth more than than all the gold in the world! And don't tell my kids I wrote this they think Dads an old hardass. Happy Thanksgiving folks!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The demise of the all mighty dollar?

China and Russia ending use of the dollar?

And If you have bad mouthed the TSA screenings you will be labeled as Domestic Terrorist!

Both items were picked up at Urban Survival if you haven't checked todays post you should!


Monday, November 22, 2010

China makes a guess.

I think this TSA bullshit is .a Bad ,but just something to focus us on ,while they are sliding in even more treacherous and diabolic bullshit like .1 Internet control .2 No food produced by private growers, so yes I do think TSA screenings are BS and bad but we will come back to this in a minute!

Food controlled by mega corps and the Govt.

Internet controlled by Govt.

Do you see anything wrong with these two pictures? I DO!

Now for the TSA BS. I am willing to bet ya that there will be a big stink with investigations and findings and revised ways of handling these TSA inspections which will satisfy most sheep and most will say we sure showed them! Yet they win because we will have given up a little more of our rights as free people!


Sixbears tells ya how to fight back!

Great post from Sixbears! If you don't know what to do read this.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What kind of people voted for this guy???

Jay Rockefeller Jezz o fuckin pete how many communist - nazis -one world order types do we really have in our Republic ??? Remove Fox and MSNBC I personally despise ms nbc but who in the hell is he to decide what should and shouldn't be allowed?? I have one word for all of our Elected officials CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!! READ IT! LEARN IT! LOVE IT! OR GIVE UP your OFFICE!

Lesson for elected officials from a dumbass maintenance man who works and pays taxes that pay your salary. America is a Republic ruled by law we have a Constitution that we are bound by.We are a Democracy in the sense that the majority of votes decides who is elected.Then elected officials are supposed to work within the frame work of said Constitution. We your employers we the taxpayers who pay your salary decide what should be done,your JOB is to carry out our Wishes within the frame work of the Constitution.

WE THE PEOPLE are FED up with EMPLOYEES who can not do their jobs!

WE are FED up with EMPLOYEES who sell out their employers merely for monetary profit!

WE are FED up with OUR money being WASTED.It is OUR money,you have no money except ours!

WE are FED up with our EMPLOYEES talking down to us,Thinking they are smarter than us!

WE are FED up with the FED!

Like all bad employees you have run out of Chances,this is your last Chance!

Honor the Constitution,stop wasting our money,stop the one world order BS,protect America,LISTEN to us or you will ALL be FIRED,if you will not leave of your own free will once fired,YOU will be REMOVED by any means NECESSARY!!!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

What kinda Shit is this? Caution Foul language!!!

I seen this the other day was too tired to comment on it! GM being sold,owned,invested in,financed whatever the fuck they want to call it by the Chinese! What the Fuck are they that fuckin greedy or desperate? The Bastards have already bought our Govt and much of the Country. But GM I will sale my Blazer and buy a Ford! You know Ford assembled in MeHico. What the fuck is wrong with people? Bad times I know but Damn!

Ok folks I know I am just a dumbass Maintenance Supervisor from Indiana but am I am the only who is see that Globalism ain't working?

I have said it before and will say it again PROTECTIONISM. Protect the US from all enemies Foreign and Domestic. No out sourcing unless the material is not available in the US. Drill wells in Alaska and wherever else we have oil.

Do not waste any more tax dollars on stupid shit like teachin Africans to wash their pee pees after sex if they are that fuckin stupid well then maybe thats nature way of strengthening the gene pool.
Spend it on recreating American jobs. Wind power,solar power,algea and other alternative fuels now before all the reasonably priced oil is gone the cheap oil is gone!

Company's send the work overseas fine an tax the hell out of em.Better yet since I don't care for Govt intervention,citizens boycott and shame em! You know people we can do a lot we have just gotten tired and lazy and expect somebody to do something. Well guess what Bro and Sister we are IT no one is gonna do jack for us! So either we do it,or it won't get done!

If the collapse doesn't come soon this is gonna be a long painful experience for most of us. At least the sooner the bottom falls out the sooner we can start all over! Sorry folks I know a collapse is a terrible thing to look forward to,but it is coming one way or another I truly believe!

Oh yeah one more thing.Why is Russia building 5000 new bomb shelters China is building theirs too.Maybe the cold war ain't really over? Maybe its about to heat up? Somebody knows something we don't!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

If you didn't catch this,ya gotta read it!

Skeletor says Democrats didn't lose because of her! This woman is out of her mind! She says she was taken down because she was effective in fighting special interest groups! SAY What? Call in the docs and get the padded room ready! Whaaa haaa! Only sad thing is her buddies Bwarney and Harry are still there!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check out I spy post at Preparing for Liberty!

Informative post here! Think they are not out to get anyone who disagrees? You may find yourself on their list.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't want to be chipped? Fine we will put it in your medicine!

Oh Brother! Yeah sure its so we can make sure you took your meds on time. Uh huh right!

Oh Gee a Fed official thinks new bond purchase plan won't work! Well no shit Sherlock! Don't tell Ben he's doing his best to destroy American economy!

Guess investors ain't buying it either since gold set a new record!



Banks failing at record rate.Reckon this is part of the recovery? Its ok we will act like we don't notice!

Damn even Chinese don't like Ben's plan! Oh come on Ching Lee its just part of the plan to bring down America.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well from the little poll I ran,I see most feel it is your patriotic duty to vote!

I still feel not voting was best for me!

I also see REID and Bwarney Fwank are still here! Nothing is changed, much talk but there always is!

I think all us poor folks can do is prep and watch the SHTF!

Much bad is predicted by many!


Monday, November 1, 2010

To Vote or Not to Vote?

Many say vote,make your voice heard! Yet I see none who I feel deserves my vote. Damn shame I can't vote NONE OF THE ABOVE! I have a couple of friends who vote their parties line no matter what,which to me is asinine! Same friends tell me,if I don't vote I have no right to complain! BULLSHIT!!! Why must we vote for losers we Don't Trust, Don't like, Don't Want???? Oh well its the lesser of two two Evils they tell me! Think on that for a minute You must vote for evil The lesser of two Evils! Do you want Stalin or Hitler lesser of two evils.No I don't! I think my mind is made up!

To some of my dear friends out there,if you feel you must vote Then by all means vote,vote your will and your conscience!

I feel if I vote I give them my approval to do things I don't want or agree with. I do not give my approval!

Do you honestly think any politician in office now and most running truly care about you or this country? I don't, I think most are people with illusions of grandeur who want the power and the money.

Perhaps a couple like Ron Paul and Chris Christy but most are as I said above.

So I have made up my own mind Right or Wrong this is my stance! Until there is someone I think deserves my vote someone who can't be controlled Like Ron Paul I withhold my vote and my approval!


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