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It seems if you are a patrotic American who believes in the constitution and not socialism, then you too shall become an Enemy of the State !
I am not anti goverment, I am Anti Bad goverment!
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The people should not fear their goverment, their goverment should fear the people!

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Fucking Terrorist? They are coming for you and me!

People we have to stop this shit. I know many have gave uo on Political means. But Should we give up on it? If we all and I mean all let these bastards know we are watching and DON"T agree and if we don't start SEEING our wishes done Politically. Then we have no Choice but to take up arms. Of course after we try and vote them out! Arms as a last resort But a resort no less.

What have YOU done except bitch about it? Since somebodys gonna say OHH big China what have you done? Well DAN Burton has gotten many emails and protest forms with my name on em.

We need to end the fed,end all the Bullshit laws they pass everyday. Most they have not even read.

The most Ludicrous thing I have ever heard was when Skeletor said we must pass the bill to learn whats in it???? WTF? No bitch you people are paid very well to read and know what you are handing us!

Instead of KILLING Afghani's who don't want us there As reported by Troops on the Ground. Bring em home and guard our borders. Now I know that would stop the influx of new Democratic voters.But so sad. I am sick of hearing of Illegals getting huge Tax refunds illegally  up to like 13,00-15,000 claiming 11,12,13,14,kids who don' even live in the USA they live in Fucking Mehico never even been to US of A.Accountants and Tax preparers have brought it to Govt attention to no AVAIL Even the Head of Some Govt agency I seen the interview nice concerned Black man said no one returned his calls! WTF?

Domestic Terrorist if we become so, it Is The Fault of GREEDY career POLITICIANS A Socialist Administration  who is working very hard to make America a Socialist Paradise while lining the pockets of the Banker class. I a lowly phlebe have news for you NONE of em are to big to fail! Fuck em,let em fail. Derivatives sould be outlawed NOW.

Enough for Now KNOW YOUR ENEMYS they are everywhere even giving you your HEATWAVE warning next Northcom will inspecting you to see if you have SPF 50 covering your exposed skin!

Enough is too much!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Police State.

Black helicopters and Foreign troops training for RNC.

ATF asking Alaskan gunshops for records. No no we are making a list of gun owners.

Federal Bureau of Intimidation Spying on Americans. Not Foreign Terrorist. You and me Brothers and Sisters,regular Americans. This has been reported by several others but its so fucked up I felt one more time wouldn't hurt!

Once more Fuck the U.N.!!!

What say it ain't so the U.S. Govt cooks the books to look not So broke. I am shocked and appalled! Kinda like how they call the Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve. All Official sounding like its run by the U.S. Govt not Private bankers?

Don't worry Citizens Ben and Timmy will fix this deficit before election time. Whats 15-16 Trillion among friends right? It is the FEDERAL RESERVE ....

The EU wants to chip all their cattle,no no I mean Sheeple,no slaves,Wait I meant Citizens,yeah thats it !!

Wow no conflict of interest here!

There is much much more but probably enough for tonight!  Enjoy your Freedom !!!

III live from Fema region V

Evil mothers are still at it!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Farewell Brother !!

Grumpy Unc passed away Sat morning. Now we know why he didn't make the Patcom. I confirmed it with Michael Boone since I had never got to meet him in person. Peace Brother no pain! We will remember you!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its on !!

Hoosier Patcom this Fri,Sat,Sun. Email me by 9:00 tomorrow morning or you will be missing out.

A good time should be had by all.Nothing to formal just meet n greet. No schedule of events just gonna let it happen. Shooting at range. Bring camping gear and hang out or drop by and meet some members of the Hoosier Patriot Mafia.Bring some grub and cook out,have an adult beverage and discuss current events. See if you can out shoot Zoomie !!Ha no pressure Bro! Location is Greene co.

Seriously 3 days of Patriot fun! If you don't like the current state of affairs,lets see what we can figure out to change em. It's our Country folks nobody but us Can change em!

Deadline 9:00 5-18-12

You folks a state or two away are welcome too! Looking forward to seeing you Patriots!


Sorry Pastor talk to Al Sharpton.

Or Jesse Jackson I am sure it was YOUTHS just having fun. Or perhaps their Daddy's didn't hug them enough. Sir Please do not say this was a carjacking or robbery.NO NO. This was an underprivilaged loan, and car rental for those in a hurry. Ok What the guys needed some pants give em a break Yo! Just good times crazy youths having fun! Rainbows and Skittles baby!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A.P. has an awesome post.

If you haven't read it,I think you should,just my opinion take it or leave it! Remember what I said about do Something? A.P. has a suggestion use it if you will!

Doesn't have to be bullets yet,hearts and MINDS. Show them we won't be bullied and that we Think. We will not be misled by Bullshitters. Communism is great Maan we all can live as one Skittles and Rainbows dude.

Right, young man who will pay for your Skittles? Govt's of any sort do not make money.Do not. They take my money to buy You Skittles. Well I am very tired of working long hard days to pay for your skittles! Instead of my money going for your Skittles I would prefer to fix my Blazer,however I can't because you want to protest and get free Skittles!

The time of Rainbows and free Skittles is Drawing to an End!


Hoosier Patcom

Folks today is Wed 16th the Hoosier Patcom Starts Fri ends Sun if you care about Liberty and individual Freedom we love to have you there! Email me for directions.I am rolling out Fri morning or afternoon depending on how things go. I will check email 1 last time before leaving,if ya wait till last minute you may get left out.

Looking forward seeing all of ya!


On a separate note,found this at P.P. what the hell is wrong with these people? Hug a tree,kill several million people! Geez!! Talk about Whack jobs!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily dose of scary shit !! And a prediction.

A lot of talk in conspiracy circles about false flag events i.e. Nato, the Olympics,etc. Ok I am sure some of ya have been following Fukishima meltdown. What if these are sparklies and the real plan is Fukishima if they blow that mother up, melt it down, Haarp it. North America will be Super Fucked !!!

Most anything at Nato or Olympics would be small potatoes compared to Fukishmia !  Maybe all three,Hell who knows?

Why are world Govts not doing anything about what has the potential to wipe part of the Planet? Its all ready hit the U.S. in some areas. Oh wait a few rich Fucks want to dispose of millions of us (sniff} commoners.

Prep for race war,NBC war,Martial law,economic collapse. We have Russians training in U.S. Then there is a video of Russian soldiers burning a U.S. flag saying fuck America Fuck the U.S. President ok can't really hold that one Against em. But they said we are back and we are coming for you! So just some jackasses clowning for youtube or do they know something we don't? Perhaps I am hust a paranoid conspiracy freak!

But if you are paying attention there is much to be Paranoid about!

Oh yeah Civil war..

Don't Worry they aren't Actually spying on you,but if they do they will only keep evidence for 90 days,don't be scared little ones they are From the Govt they are here to Protect you!

What kind of Sick Fuck rapes a pregnant female?

Trash men,landscapers spying for PoPo.Ah the police state grows!

When I was a kid we had a saying Snitches get Stitches, might make a comeback!

There's plenty more but Enough already The police state Socialist are out of control. Only way to stop em is for US to stand  up and tell em no mas THIS is it! FEAR people can work both ways!!! Think about it.Are tired of living in fear little slave? I am!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ron Paul day here at Enemy of the state !!!

Wow the Powers that want to be are afraid of this man. More importantly what he stands for and ALL the people backing him. So despite a virtual news blackout,now they are changing the game midway through!! We want you to vote for Mittens boo fucking Hoo..

Corp media lies on Ron Paul figures. Hububa um er this must be a mistake,right? Media reports News right? Surely they don't have an agenda!

Paul supporters take over Maine GOP convention!

Sorry neocons Ron Paul IS going to RNC!

And the Kicker Ron Paul returns for meeting on mending or ENDING the FED!!!! You know the group of rich private bankers who rent you Your money with the Official sounding name of THE FED! Like it is part of the Federal Govt. NOPE its private,if ya don't know research it.

Ron Paul is Americas only hope at this point. Even he is probably to little to late. But between Mittens or Obmanation he is the only choice to save whats left.


Advice given to a son on voting!

I asked one of my boys today if he is gonna vote out Dick Lugar? He said he isn't voting ,wouldn't know who to vote for. My theory and advice I gave him,if they have been in office over 10 yrs then they are part of the Problem! Hell vote for someone you haven't heard of if you don't have a good candidate you are sure of!

Do I really think ballot box matters? No reasonably sure its all bought and paid for ahead of time! But poke em in the the eye! Jab jab punch!

Do something even if its wrong! Doing nothing but bitching is Not acceptable!!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I would not presume to tell others how to vote but in my excitement I guess I did just that! Please forgive me! I feel Dick Lugar needs to retire. Career politicians esp those who want to ban my guns or other freedoms PISSS me off !!! DICKY is an F rated (NRA) Senator. He is an Indiana Senator Yet doesn't reside in Indiana? How the Fuck can he Represent Hoosiers when he is no longer a Hoosier???

Vote your heart folks !! I Will !




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