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It seems if you are a patrotic American who believes in the constitution and not socialism, then you too shall become an Enemy of the State !
I am not anti goverment, I am Anti Bad goverment!
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The people should not fear their goverment, their goverment should fear the people!

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is what I was talking about!

Shifting your Paradigm, Kerodin explains what I could not!

My last post at American Minuteman was about this. We can change things but are we gonna? The dumbasses in the Congress and Senate are Elected! WELL lets unelect em! Then ELECT non dumbass Patriots!

I think we are making things much harder than it has to be! Since we allowed them to take over our court lets play ball their way and kick their asses!

I really don't think we have much time,America is fucked if WE don't unfuck it quick it will be a very long time before we get the chance again!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conspiracies updated hunters beware!

Since one of my items in my header is conspiracies. Well we have these!

Aliens. Maybe. In all the planets out there I don't find it too far fetched that we aren't the only ones here.


Me thinks aliens may be blamed for things they haven't done.

Cyber-attacks may cause global catastrophe???

Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson says chemtrails causing deaths must be stopped.

Monsanto still at it! Say it ain't so!

Stuxnet: Theory proven?

Stuxnet: may cause Iranian Chernobyl warns Russia.

And finally an updated time line on many of the animal deaths around the world.

I left this out certain animals are attempting to get the upper hand on mankind,next time You are out in the woods Alone remember this story!;_ylt=Anaio1QYos_5VVn.0OJI1nJzfNdF

To steal a line from the X-files.. The TRUTH is out there!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Passing of a good man!

If you have not been by Freeholders then you don't know he found his father dead the other night!A hard time in anyones life his Father was part of the Great generation.You might stop by and pay your condolences. A vet and a man from a time when men did what they had too!



Friday, January 14, 2011

T.L. 's post on Desserts.

If you haven't got around to it check out T.L. Davis piece on Dessert. Guess this means I have to tell the Govt and the Left to EAT Me!

And if you haven't been to Scott's you really should check out the article on springtime food shortages and what Obama is doing about it!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Going for your guns and internet!

Democratic REP Carolyn McCarthy is going to ban high cap mags.No one needs that bullets in a gun. And no one should have stockpiles of ammo. Oh SHIT its on!

Obama wants to know who is on the net.

Obama I still want to see your I.D.

Police State 2011.


One question?

Why did a Congresswoman and Federal judge,who both had received threats in the past not have a huge security detail? You know the secret service types in suits with their little headsets and then further out in the crowd the boys in their black soldier outfits with their name tags blacked out they are almost always there,why not this time?

People we already know they are coming for our guns and free speech.

This was a Mental patient or well he should of been. This is not a left or right issue or well it shouldn't of been. However the left is making it one as always.

Funny how right before a group is going to D.C this happens?

Funny how ATF and Border patrol has a Giant FUBAR incident this pops up! Now that incident is lost in the Rhetoric!!!

HEY LIBERAL nutjob do you really think making it ILLEGAL to say anything violent against politicians Will actually make people not THINK IT???

HERE IT IS! If you want real AMERICANS to STOP thinking Violent thoughts STOP infringing on our RIGHTS. STOP the Fucking BAILOUTS. STOP BERANKE. STOP the FED. STOP OBAMACARE. STOP taxing the hell out of us! AND MOSTLY STOP telling us HOW to THINK and FEEL.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deranged Communist Liberal left fanatic kills!

We have a case of an unstable young man committing a tragic act. Yet as always the left are blaming the right wing violent conservatives blah blah!

This young man had some wires come unhooked in his brain or they shorted out!?

But of course liberals are blaming several right wing types so far Sarah Palin,Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk radio in general!

This is a tragedy no doubts about it. A 9yr old little girl is dead. This should of been a great day that she would remember always meeting a Congresswoman,the child was sent by her school. Instead shes gone forever.A parents worst nightmare!

And what do we get from this? GODDAMN whiny little bitchass liberals saying Palin Limbaugh etc etc are to blame...

We need to stop gun violence blah blah Violence at schools blah blah.

Liberal men are the Whinyest little bitches in the world!

If we are going to play this game ok here goes the Real headline.

Crazy Fuckin Communist LIBERAL Fanatical LEFT wing Radical Terrorist Unbalanced shoots innocent Child. WE NEED TO BAN ALL LEFT WING LIBERAL COMMIES from AMERICA IMMEDIATELY WE DO THIS in the name of the CHILDREN.


We need to ISSUE firearms to every citizen in America over 18 and train them in their use so that we may protect POLITICIANS and CHILDREN from this RADICAL COMMUNIST LIBERAL THREAT IMMEDIATELY!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Auto weapon point blank range school campuses.

Oh Christ reporters wet dream! Federal Judge dead,Congresswoman shot in the head. Doug Mchaleway I think was his name speaking to Shep Smith said the judge is dead,the Congress woman was shot in the head at POINTBLANK range.And that 19 people were injured leading him to believe it was an AUTOMATIC weapon not just a semiauto weapon. Fucking news people. Not sure on Judge,Congress woman they think will be ok. It is a terrible event for sure.Prayers for those wounded and for the families of those killed! But damn I do hate fucking reporters!

For all I know it could of been full auto. But why didn't the dickhead verify it before saying it.Shock value of course.

Now confirmed Judge Roll was killed. Sadly so was a nine year old child. Doug Mchaleway ? Is back on stating she was a gun right advocate.

Democrat Jim Rogers was saying carnage like this must not be allowed on our School Campuses. And Threats against Politicians must be stopped. The shooting was at a Grocery store. Now they are saying it was a 22 year old possible war veteran and that a second suspect was arrested.

He had a you tube channel and my space page he apparently was upset about illegals. Told people goodbye on my space. I hope he is not a Vet.


I like!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Funny shit!

If you haven't caught Natogs new video ya gotta see it,funny!

It will help your non prepper friends understand!


Man oh Man the New year already looking like the old year!

Before I give you story's of doom on us. Our ol Buddy Hermit Jim has one that is a Win for the people! Don't take this lightly a Win is a Win. If we won this we can Win more! I turn things over to Hermit Jim.

I really get tired of the I am just one person what can I do against add one (city hall,IRS,Govt,etc,etc.) . One little guy, one everyman, one Regular guy has changed the course of history. I.E Carlos Hathcock, Simo Haya,Vassili Zaitsev,Audie Murphy,Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, I could make a list that goes on for days or even years. The point being if You think you can't than You can't plain and simple in most cases WE defeat our selves. Sometimes you just take a leap of faith. Sometimes you know you can. Sometimes you just gotta try cause no one else will. When Audie Murphy ran toward the Machine gun nest was he thinking I am a very short little country boy I can't win, Fuck no he was thinking these sumbitches are gonna kill us all I gotta stop em!!!!

Well the Commie forces of evil has us Staring in the faces of the Machine gun nest again. Are we gonna run towards it with all we got? Or do we run away pretending its not there? BECAUSE it is THERE make no mistake about it. In fact they bunkered in and bringing in reinforcements as we speak!

YOF has been busy! If you think they're not coming ya better read!

Like I said he's been busy!

So from reading these post I know which way Ye Old FURT is Running which way are you going.So for those who feel little and helpless send $10 bucks to William or T.L. or The Guardians or to anyone going I guarantee you won't feel quite so helpless! They are running towards the fire.




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