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"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What the fuck first responders banned?

This is some twisted bullshit here!

Only the Former and Current NWO sock puppets grandstanding?

The current sock puppet is such a dumbass! A day of service? What is a day of Communism going to do to help? A day to remember and reflect,ok! Since many are still convinced it was a false flag operation anyway,it seems odd that first responders won't be there to be Honored in person!? Something really stinks!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Ron Paul people hitting the Streets!

Pitch fork and torch time draws near?

Get your preps in high gear and your house in order!


Greased (Greeced) again.

Here we go again!

So if NYPD has one CIA agent working on Muslim extremist,I wonder how many they have working on DOMESTIC TERRORIST???

You do know Domestic Terrorist right? Them scary Mother fuckers that Work everyday,get pissed because the Govt taxes the hell out of em then wastes the money,some of em even store up Food and emergency supplies because they don't think Uncle Bama will save them OH my Gosh THE horror of it all.Get this,some of them are even going to vote for Ron Paul!Well if they aren't rounded up and sent to a Bama reeducation center.

All the fun I can have for one morning,off to go make some tax money to bail out somebody!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama calls on Syrian President to step down.

Wow right at the same time as Americans call on Obama to step down! No response yet from Syrian President perhaps like Obama he is on Vacation???

Wow 2 days ago U.S. market market drops because of fears of Europe defaults,now world markets down due to fears of U.S. recession? WTH??

And then THIS! S&P downgrades L.A. So L.A. drops S&P Yeah that will Fix it!

Care about your gun rights? Watch this!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YOU Really don't think America is gonna Crash n Burn?

A lot of us have been predicting bad things happening here for a While! Well lets go through the last couple of days of news.

Mean people make more money!

American businesses are failing,can't get loans.But Slick Willy is setting up a loan program for Haiti.Do you recon that fine Gentleman hasn't been to Detroit or any other manufacturing city in the U.S. or maybe take a little road trip through Appalachia.Nothing wrong with helping others mind ya,but charity starts at home!

Yesterday Stocks fall cause of Europe.


Good news is somebody finally caught a live Chupacabra!

The Fix is in.Fitch upholds U.S. AAA credit.

Air Force discharging Sergeant who doubts Obammers legitimacy to be President. Silly Birthers Why he Showed ya his Birth certificate,didn't he? By the way ya'll are Really hurting his feelings calling him a Socialist. Ya ol meanies.

Ron Paul has been Seriously snubbed by News with exception of Jon Stewart slamming Media and of Course the Judge loves Dr Paul I am surprised Fox allows it,since ya know they went business as usual Repub like Romney or Palin or Perry!! No links its everywhere..

17 yr old girl shot dead.

Another Sick Motherfucker killed a 3yr old.

17 yr old boy arrested wanted to blow up his school,wanted larger body count than Columbine.

Cop killed as he was about to shot dogs with stun gun! Homeowner told him to leave and not to come on property without a warrant.

I guess Americans are tired of cops shooting family pets!

Prison business model needs more Americans to be jailed,Obama and Congress aim to oblige!

Ok one GOOD One! A brave man not afraid to get involved saves 6 yr olds life!Take a bow Sir! I salute you!

South American capybara seen in Palo Robles Ca. yep another fuck up in ecosystem.

I personally don't like Perry for President,but I am glad he said if Bernanke prints more money it would be Treasonous!

President Obammer has an Economic plan he will tell us about in September after his Vacation. Oh fuck you guys he just spent two long days on the road in Illinois.You know riding around in them 2 buses that cost 2.2 million dollars,not a total waste of tax dollars at least he put some American coach builders to work! What the FUCK ya mean they were made in Canada?

Do NOT worry Obama sez we are not in Danger of another Recession! Oh yeah cause we are in a Global Depression

Well 111 Black men get jobs as Fire Fighters in Chicago.

Head Black Dem wants unleashed I am Black woman hear me roar!

Big SiS is finally going after Terrorist threats to America! False alarm Going after White men again! Seriously what the Fuck? Enuff is Enuff!

Herman Cain sez Impeaching Obummer would be a Great thing! Why he must be a racist,just another White man who doesn't want a black President lording over him! Huh say what? He's a Black businessman? Oh snap How are the DEMS gonna Spin this?

I am tired and didn't even get to the badshit!

Be Prepared!

Or as they say on the x-files, The truth is out there!

Of course DHS will imprison you if ya look for it!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now we're talking ,Mayberry its at SEA!!

Libertarian artificial islands away from laws! I am not a sailor. But I can learn to sail!



Politics makes for strange bedfellows!

I really don't care much for Jon Stewart,I sorta like Fox business news,except for the fact they ignore or ridicule Ron Paul. So when Jon Stewart spanks All the so called News agencies, well.... I dislike him Much less!!

I don't think Paul is perfect,I do think he is the best of whats out there now.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Damn the bad luck,Poor Obama almost had it whipped!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Pink Floyd and SRV


Corporations are people,says Mitt!


Economist see 30% chance of recession!???? Does this mean we aren't in a Depression? Or at very least heading in to one. See I never got the Memo that first recession was over,ok sorry I am a Damn Liar,I got that memo but didn't believe it!

Recall on tainted beef affects several states,is yours one?

Good ol my Man Mitch,wants to ban all public smoking here in Indiana! Fuck Mitch!! Govt creating more criminals!

Smoking is banned indoors already at most places in Indy. So my Man MITCH will allow me to only smoke IN my home? Govt keeping us safe from ourselves again..

Looking for leadership says Jay Carney. White house debates. Translation Obummer figuring how to save his ASS!

Well hell if its gonna be a long scary ride. Get some food,water,guns n ammo, then fasten your seat belt put your arms up in the air scream n laugh as you enjoy the ride to the bottom.We are going no matter if we want to or not so be prepared and enjoy it a bit!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow regular post goes potty mouth.

While not perfect by any means I still think Ron Paul is the best choice to lead us out of this mess,he will make the tough choices.

I am afraid the Repugnican candidates will bring more of the same ol same.

The ladies Tea party are not I am afraid will be Repubs quickly. Romney PLLEASE hardcore party man.

All you hardcore Repubs like most of my Buddy's remember who gave us the patriot which is being used Against Patriots,Oh maybe That's why they called it Patriot act!

Two Party system is bad. LIBERALS bad,Commies bad,Obummer bad,PEOPLE who control Obummer REAL BAD. Paranoid Chinasyndrome or not they are There.

You know we are screwed right,no matter what! Defense has become such a large part of Americas employment.Bring home the soldiers and have em guard our borders,ha ha yeah Right! If a majority muster out unemployment straight up!

Tragedy at Indiana state fair.

Sick son of a bitches threw away a two year old child?

Danger zone? Nah just another day,until the bottom falls out!

World Bank asshole calls Social Security entitlement program technically asshole is right Americans pay in so are entitled to take out.

FUCK the World Bank,FUCK the U.N.,FUCK the Fed,FUCK the E.U,Fuck being the Worlds police force,FUCK Commies,FUCK the NWO,FUCK the LIBERALS (see Commies)FUCK the Business's who send jobs over seas,FUCK the DHS,FBI, and all the initial agencies who spy on American citizens calling us Terrorist while doing Nothing to stop REAL terrorist,FUCK the SHEEP who need GUBBERMINT to Protect us,FUCK the Bail outs,FUCK wallstreet,FUCK the wars that line the pockets of the warmongers,FUCK the illegals and those who allow them in,and if you disagree with me FUCK you!

I am fucking sick of the World we have helped bail out and build up criticize us.Always someone from NWO.OR fucking illegals,or that stupid black chick in the video who says we are white devils holding down AFRICANS.ONE bitch you ain't never been to Africa get off the fucking welfare work your ass off every fucking day like I and many others do.I am not holding you down You are holding you down. Fuck all! At this point Collapse is probably best thing for America as terrible and painful as it will be.Every man for himself.

Greatest country in the world turned to shit.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Finite amount that could leak???

Shell oil has leak near Scotland.

Gee,makes ya wonder what a Finite amount is 1gal 10gal 100gal or 100 barrels or???

Poor guy!Talk about shitty luck or running out of time.

Oh Brother,Obummer speaking out on politics he's one of us now! You know just a regular guy,that goes on vacation whenever the urge hits! He says we need to speak out and get engaged! Uh right as you call us Terrorist,sic DHS on anyone who disagrees with Liberal Commie policy? But everyday more are speaking out Mr President and we do Expect better Homey we really Do! We are soon to demand it,problem is NONE of you can deliver,none of you!

Whites were easy targets!

Folks do NOT be an Easy Target! I don't care what color you are Do NOT be a victim to criminals! Sometimes (most) You are the only one who can protect You!

Appeals Court puts smack down on Bamacare!

Fast and Furious CIA program? Allowed guns to Mexico Cocaine to U.S. Blimey say it ain't so! CIA involved in Nefarious activities No way!

U.S arming Syrian opposition? NO we are the good guys we wouldn't be involved in Your politics.... WELL unless there is some money to be Made!

Am I the only one who thinks we should maybe get America straightened out before we stick our noses in ANY other Country's business? I mean really Can we afford any more help? Shiiit.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Breaking News !!

Ruger is coming out with a new semiauto to be called the Legislator,it doesn't work and you can't fire it!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Spiral continues...

S&P begins downgrading ratings of agency's linked to U.S. debt.

FUCKING IDIOT, TIm'MAYYY! Timmy sez S&P showed terrible judgement!! WTF? YA mean like WASHINGTON spending money they don't HAVE? TIm'MAYY!

If ya'll don't know who TIm'MAY is you gotta watch South Park.

Fellow Hoosiers will note Indiana Company's stocks are among those hitting the shitter!

Dow was down 634 points,gold was over $1700 oz. Gold bugs are saying HAH ha told ya this day was coming!


Down grade update.

7:53 am Gold up $53 Dow futures down 240 points..

Just another day or hello Zimbabwe? Time will tell fasten your seat belts..


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gunwalker so what now Coke runner? Operation POTs an pans?

U.S. is getting spanked at every turn!

The Idiot who ADVISES Obama THE DownGrade President say's Downgrade is TEAPARTY's fault!

Sure numbnuts! Yep Tea party has been in power how long? Axelrod what a douche.If I advised Obummer I would be blaming Somebody for Sure!

Read the last sentence!

We would start to worry if the U.S tipped over into recession? 1. You mean we aren't? 2.Why is it no one in Wash or Banking feels this is a recession? 3.Out here in the Heartland it seems like a recession,maybe Depression.

Finally here we go Larry Summers says we could go into a recession,of course it is S&P's fault.

Ok so we Now know it is either the Tea Party's fault, S&P's fault,or Bush's fault. It is not Obummer and co's fault nope no way,he inherited this mess.

Even if debt rating doesn't send markets lower,economy will!

Revise revise revise every where I look Govt has revised this or revised that.No report that comes is accurate for weeks or months until it is revised!

That Govt can run anything is a fucking joke,get out of the way Washington!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poor Timmy!!! He is PISSED at s&p.. UPDATED!!

After downgrading U.S. credit rating,the Treasury attacks Standard and Poors's because there was a 2 Trillion dollar error! Timmy BIG FUCKING WHOOP if the GOVT was a citizen Motherfucker you not only wouldn't have credit you would be homeless and hungry.TIMMY you and your BUTT buddy Barry have done enough for America please Don't do anything else,Please really.

Ok so you are gonna need jobs,OK good news is we only have 9.1% unemployment and the economy is getting better cause you know we got all these shovel ready jobs and green shoots popping out our asses.

Timmy it is NOT S&P's fault you are a Fucking Idiot an Bwama Bama was obviously a Bad choice Bwana has what kind of experience? Oh right junior Congressman from a Corrupt state!But in a state of Panic and Political correctness BWAMA was elected.I can think of a couple of Black men who would probably make excellent Presidents,Bwana is not on the list!Nor would you have been on list to head Treasury.

Fire em all!!! Ban the Fed! Bring back gold and silver. Treason is a Crime! Hanging offense if I remember correctly!?

Timmy you are an Idiot quit before America hangs you!

OH Shit then I find this!!! Must watch video! What a FUCKIN IDIOT!


Friday, August 5, 2011

The real collapse?

This is the beginning a down grade.I think it was around 9:00 when I found it on Yahoo,then It was on fox business later.

Anyway I wonder if that's how the Real Collapse will go down,you come after a long hot day of work,catching up on the blogs and news,BammO the U.S. dollar is worth 0, hits the news about 9:00?

I am not A DEMOCRAP nor REPUGNICAN! I am a Patriotic hardworking American citizen as Free as a wage slave can be!

The down grade will affect me indirectly I have no mortgage,no car payments,I do not borrow money,well not from institutions any way,I do not have or use credit,the one house I bought I bought on contract. Yet rates on many things will go up for all of us!

Still as an American,I am Fucking mad! How the Fuck do these IDIOTS FUCK UP the Greatest country in the World? Barry and company will blame it on Bush as always,Bush did contribute no doubts there,but Barry and Co. have had what 3 years to DO SOMETHING!

Besides bowing to every leader in the world,making a health care plan no one wanted his Main priority,taking an ass load of vacations,making NWO plans a reality,what the Fuck has he done?

We are WORSE OFF than before!

Barry go home to your Village in Africa.

Americans grow a pair,stand up for your Country,your Constitution,your rights,YOU my Friend are an American FUCKING ACT like It, STATUS QUO, NO !!!

Now they are starting in on the Tea Party,which I think was pretty much hijacked anyway!


WE THE PEOPLE need to put an END to this SHIT!! NO MORE!!



Whoop There it Is! U.S credit DOWNGRADED!

Fucking ASSHOLES in WASHINGTON have done it!

Standard and Poors downgrades U.S credit rating! AAA down to AA+. Way to go Barry!!! Commies are taking us down..

Guns and Food people. They all ready control the money. After money comes food,which they ARE working on presently with farm laws etc! DO Not ever give up your Firearms whatever slight Freedom we still have is only due to the fact so many of us Americans are Armed.


Investors Freaking out...

GLOBAL Recession Blah Blah talking heads all talking about Asia markets Falling.Will Dow go up or down.Everybody WAITING for unemployment report,if its above 9% FFRREEAAKK out,if it drops a tiny bit Happy days are here again!? Fucking IDIOTS.

We are fucked no matter what!

Krushchev must be dancing in Hell!! His Boy Barry has done more than all previous Commies combined. And has a lot of Americans believing his act...


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is this the beginning of the collapse?

The beginning obviously started a long time ago! But things seem to be crazzyyy right now.

Dow falls 500 + points..

And this.

Yep,you already know if Wallstreeters suffer they are sure as hell gonna make the rest of us pay!

Now keep an eye on these numbers! It seems they post good or ok numbers then a week or two later they Revise the numbers... Games gotta play their games!

Record lows on two year treasury yields.

Friday jobs report could finish off markets?

Oil down,I wonder if we will see any of this down?

Every channel has experts and their theories right now! Lots of theories But nobody seems to really know whats going on other its going to be bad!

Good luck my Friends! FYI Honeyville grains has their food on sale 4th - 9th,Cheaper than dirt and Sportsmans guide both have green tips on sale!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breaking it down! EXTENSIVE cussing!

Ok from Prison Planet and Yahoo and whoever, links are provided.

Lets start here NRA sues Feds! The part that has me fucking Steamed is the Commie in Chief! The weasel dick actually said He is working on Gun control but he has to go UNDER the Radar,to all the fucking people who have told me he isn't going after American's guns,FUCK YOU! I told you he was! Guess what BARRY you Commie Motherfucker We all knew You were going under the Radar! The only problem is Your boy Holder doesn't want to fly under the Radar,he wants em now! OOPS you bumped the Radar BITCH!
You Fuckers have Violated the Constitution in so many ways and we sit back and say Oh well,Well guns are the One item that will Ignite this Country! Light it motherfuckers,come on Set it OFF!

Super Congress,the Group of Thirteen.I bet these Son of a bitches have copies of the Constitution for toilet paper in the White house restrooms cause they sure wipe their asses on it everyday!

Spending CUTS? HA HA Fucking stop my sides are hurting!

Ho fucking Hum, The Govt spying on its citizens SOME MORE.Act Surprised,why, I am shocked and outraged! Isn't this the home of the Free? Land of the Brave? Fuck on Home of the FREELY FUCKED. Land of the Bamboozled.

You know there's a lot more,but fuck it! If you aren't prepped You better get prepped!


Update on D.B. Cooper

Sort of! They are checking to see if dead man is Dan Cooper.Long dead.As One Astute reader noted ok we have spent 3 or 4 million dollars trying to find the man who took the $200,000.We will find you!No matter how much we must Spend!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Creadible lead in D.B.Cooper case? I hope not!

Funny after leaving a comment a while back at Hermit Jim's,I find this the FBI are still chasing Dan Cooper.. Give me a freakin break.November 24th 1971 the dude is old or dead.200,000 while a bunch of money then,ya you know back when we thought Govt spending in the Billions was just unacceptable,wouldn't buy one way trip in fuel for Pelosi's jet she had to have!!

Why don't they let the poor guy go and figure where all my wasted tax dollars went? Maybe look in to their Amigos in Gunwalker?

The article states it wasn't even U.S. news agency that caught wind of tip! Ain't that a surprise?

Run Dan Run! I know the man was a criminal.But so far as I know he hurt no one,so Screw it Run Dan Run!


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