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The people should not fear their goverment, their goverment should fear the people!

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Monday, February 21, 2011

Global Revolution.

Global Revolution is about to hit home oil is going through the roof. Which means everything else goes through the roof. If you have extra money, groceries will be better than money in the bank. Gold is back to $1400 an oz.

Not to worried about gold,but Groceries were already going up! You who have doubted us,it is happening before your eyes. Please load up while you can the days of cheap food are soon to be over,don't miss the boat!

Canned food,dry foods like pasta,beans,lentils, flour,corn meal,etc keep well, Get some quick! Even if this is a temporary swing food Will go up!

Be Prepared!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not much going on.

Yes the world is going crazy! Yes there will be more. Global revolution is happening,America is just slow to join the party.

I spent some time today researching two of my favorite characters from the Vietnam war. Larry Dring, and Jerry Shriver. Both were very interesting fellows. Rumor has it,I heard this years ago,that Dring was tired of the pamphlet drops (winning the hearts and minds) and at the end of one fire fight buried the vc along a trail with one arm sticking straight up holding a sign that said surrender or die.

Mad Dog Shriver was probably most famous for radioing back to command, don't worry sir I have them just where I want em surrounded from with in. Or possibly the fact he came home on leave to pick up a .444 Marlin to bust bunkers with.

I was also reading up on the Nung and Montagnards . Both groups helped American forces in Vietnam.

Usually during reading on this war I get the impression that Laos and Cambodia were Pro Vietnam. Perhaps their Govts, were but I have a friend who's Father had to flee Laos after America pulled out because he and others from their village helped America.

Just taking a break from the collapse it is still going. I hope your prepping.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doomer news,lots of it!

1 billion! This is why you stay home and mind your own business.

OOPS,worse than predicted!

Unemployment getting better? Not hardly!

Stimulus goals met! What a tool!

Timmy gets spanked!

Abc on entitlements.

Americans finally hitting the streets.

Oh Hilliary how could you?

But wait aren't they keeping us safe? Once again the Protectors are worse than those they are Protecting you from!

Silver blasting off as the dollar crashes!

Still trying to control the net!

Liar Liar!

Is that enough?

Get Prepared!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Strategy,become the local war lord!

Since everyone believes we can not work together to solve our problems. And collapse is coming. Instead of becoming someones slave.Become the local warlord! You did see Black Hawk down right? If you have have the food and guns you will rule! Of course a couple of evil henchmen to do your bidding helps.Just remember they are evil! So you will have to dispose of them from time to time or eat them ala Edi Amin.

So there ya go! Fuck the world! Load up on food,guns,supplies,knowing when the time comes you will rule your neighborhood. Shit unless Jack the next street over has more guns or Eviler henchmen. Well, come on No plan is perfect!

China Imperial Ruler of Northeastern Indiana

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey guys well my Birthday was 2-10 I didn't post it cause I was a bit sad.My Grandads was the same day,he died year before last.And my Buddy Threeper passed not long after my B-day last year.I miss them both like crazy!

My Grandad was an old school hill billy but with a bit of education and served in the Navy during Korea. The old man lived in Tenn most of his life he would move up here to be around his kids and Grand kids then miss having homestead and next thing you knew he was packing up and moving back.I don't think there was much the old man Couldn't do. He still copper pots and coils from his moonshiner days. If it was a fruit or vegetable he could make wine out of it. I remember one time when I was about 14 we were out in Dads garage working on trucks,the old man came up for a visit. He came out to the garage with a 5 gal glass water bottle full of red liquid.He made a batch of tomatoe wine,they all got shit faced.

He could do anything in the way of the manly arts.Build a house,concrete,weld,butcher hogs,etc etc.

He was actually my step Grandad know that I think about,I forgot. My Mom and you would say step Dad,I wouldn't. Got married when I was 5. The old man shook my hand then gave me a hug and said in that loud southern voice of his I am your Grandpaw now.And so he was. His wife a semi evil woman told me her name was Eva and she was not my Grandma.In my mind she never was.She sorta tried later but,nother story nother time....

But I miss the old man my squirrel and deer hunting partner. One time on our B-day I called him up,I think he was about 83 on that one,I was probably 35 or 36 he said well Danny Marc do ya feel older? I said no sir You? He said hell I don't feel a day past 60!

That same winter he went out on his Honda big red three wheeler and got a deer.

My buddy Three percent 4 Freedom. At lot of ya seen Threeper on the blogs. He was a Marine Corp scout/sniper.For those like me who thought there was no Real action between Vietnam and Desert Shield Threeper could've proved other wise. This dude knew more about prepping,guns,etc than almost anyone I have talked to.Yet he never spoke down or acted like a know it all,more like a kind teacher or a friend telling ya what worked for him.For those of you who don't read American Minuteman somewhere way back his Buddy R3volution describes what happened when two IRS agents came to seize his unimoog. Threeper was not the type to be man handled as the two agents learned.We never got to meet in person.We were gonna hook up do some shootin and drinkin...

Well God had other plans. For those of ya like me who don't trust or even like a whole lot of folks you probably understand the loss of a friend like that. Someone who looks at stuff a lot like you etc. Threeper died no long after my B-day last year. I am not embarrassed to tell ya I cried like a little girl.

I know I am not not the only one to lose people,I'm not trying to get pity or nothing just explaning the world seemed a little smaller this B-day. My family threw a great party so did the girls at work.

So I don't know if you all have B-days in heaven or if you should even talk to those gone,but Boys I love and miss ya both!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Free survival stuff?

The only thing better than survival equipment is free survival equipment! Check out my buddy Pete you just might win free stuff!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Yes I'm still alive!

Sorry friends,this ice storm has kicked my butt. Just about the time we were getting the last of the ice broke up, 4" of snow came down. I can only remember one other ice storm like this,I was probably 14 or 15. So glad they don't happen often. I would have to find a new line of work! This has been one of the longest weeks of my life,as soon as I get the soreness worked out,should be all good. Oh yeah,then I find out I am filling in for a fellow Supervisor who is having eye surgery,his place has a ton of after hours calls.AAARRRRHHHH!!!!!!!! I guess I must of been a SUMBITCH in another life! Thanks for letting me Vent. You all stay safe! I will catch up when all this crap is over!




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