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It seems if you are a patrotic American who believes in the constitution and not socialism, then you too shall become an Enemy of the State !
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"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is this real? What Federal court? What charges?

Yes we know all the bullshit he has said and done! Where are the Facts. Hell we all know Obama is Traitor and Criminal! What Court What charges ??? Anybody have an info on this?


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Music cause I need a break from the shit!

SRV,gone but not forgotten!

Mother. Yes they will try to break your balls!

Humble Pie!

Wet Willie,the best live act I ever seen. 2 silver metal flake drums. I think Jack Daniels,some smoke,touch a coke,and a little sweetie That was a Great fucking night. Fuck man 34 yrs ago,no jack,no smoke,no coke,no little sweetie these days!

Butthole Surfers.No I guess youtube didn't want me to play Pepper. Its ELP lucky man.

Lets try it again!


Yes it does need to End,crack down on Gangs not Guns!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Al Capone oops I mean Rahm Emanuel is strong arming banks to stop credit to gun makers!

Wow you must be one of the biggest fucking Idiots in history! With American manufacturing at an all time low you are trying to put more people out of work. But you must disarm Americans at all costs it seems! Thats Ok Mr Chicago you are on the list of Traitors count on it.

So Rahm is jacking the banks.
Adolph I mean Obama is looking for Generals who will fire on U.S. citizens.

Finekenstein the other monster,is attempting to ban every gun Americans like and could use to defend themselves.

You idiots do know guns are not the only way we could defend ourselves right? We are Americans! The smartest,most innovative ,independent, badass people on the planet.You better just let us keep our peashooters.

You fucking Scumbag generals who would fire on U.S citizens,you will be penalized even worse than the Treasonous politicians. You Gentleman remember you swore an Oath to DEFEND the Constitution. Not an Oath to any particular President certainly not to one who violates said Constitution on a regular basis,not to one who would even think of asking you to shoot Americans.

Oh yeah here's Al Emanuel :

Death to Tyrants!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its on! The Commie whore has bill and list...

She wants the supply to dry up like her face and female parts dry up like the Sahara. All you are going to do is make honest people criminals!  Your logic is Fucking ridiculous. Lady we are not as Stupid as you may think!

DHS is ordering 7,000 Automatic AR's M-16 or M-4's? We aren't allowed by our Rulers semi autos ? Fuck you Feinstein and all who back her!


Daily dose of craziness ...

Gun scanners Thank God I don't live in New Yawk. And if you go to the article they have a petition to ban ASSULT weapons. Why would a real news agency have a petition? They are to report News not fulfill agendas !! News? Right!!

Cry baby Beck is gonna debunk Sandy Hook! Oh will this be like his FEMA camp episode. Sorry lost me right there.

Sandy hooked, 

Terrorist drill... Yep it was gun owners.

All I have time for today folks! But like they said on X-files, the Truth is out there. Thing is , its probably going to scare the shit out of ya!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another one bites the dust. James Taylor goes on my shit list.

I use to sort of like James Taylor. I am more of a hard rock and old school country sort of guy,yet sometimes I also like mellow easy listening stuff.Yeah I just love music in general. Then he becomes an Obama groupie. And No peckerhead we do NOT need to make any MORE sacrifices to OUR freedoms. YOU might need to but we DON"T. You see James us honest legal gun owners are not the ones Murdering children Robbing Stores and gas stations nor doing drive by's. There are already so many laws on the books IT's Stupid. SEE James Criminals, say it with me CRIMINALS they are the ones who do these things. Why should I and all the other legal honest gun owners give more rights? When the Criminals keep on being CRIMINALS and ignoring laws? Why James? For the Children,Right? Well if Sandy Hook wasn't a false flag event,what could of stopped it short of schools being armed prison camps? Really ? Take away every honest man And woman's semi autos and guess what the CRIMINALS will still have theirs!

Lets say All of us honest law abiding gun owners give em up, shit we melt down and make Fords out of em! What do you think the CRIMINALS will do? ROB,RAPE,and Murder us former gun owners. What happens if GULP our Govt becomes (right) even more Tyrannical ? I know not our Govt cause that Evil Bush is out and Obama the war stopper got his second term. Nope no fear from a guy who makes Executive orders at midnight while citizens are asleep or out partying.

Nope no fear from a Govt who mandates its own citizens can be imprisoned forever without notifying anyone,no right to legal council. No worries about a President who has a hit list. Fuck this sounds more like Carlo Gambino than a U.S. president.

So no James we are done! We ain't giving up jack! So stop swinging off Obamas jock and act like an American.

Besides I sold all my guns except the ones lost in the canoe accident,so ya see none of this really applies to me any way,its the point.No more Freedoms given up without a fight. NO MORE FREEDOMS GIVEN,GOT IT?


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good advice

1st Ken has some words for ya!

Next up MyAdventuresinsefreliance. She has some ideas on long term storage,you do want to eat don't you? Guns yes you must have guns but I bet a lot of ya's spend to much on guns an ammo an acc letting your food storage slide. Check out her post!

And don't forget we still need signatures.We are up to 15,000 something and we need 25,000 come on folks lets make Obama address this issue.

And Pro Liberate has something to say about Federalized Police.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Are You fighting or just Bitching?

Really are you fighting this anti 2A crap? You are not just waiting on your brothers and Sisters are ya? Ok so China are puttin your money where your mouth is ? Yep I have done a bit. On Craigs petition I am # 144 You did sign it right Right?  Ok to sign the petition go here.P.S. at last count we had 14,500 we need 25,000 see if you can inform friends and family,lets make Obama address this!

Or perhaps like Longbow,you have demanded your Congress critter fight anti 2a acts!

Yes Dan Burton does know who I am! Let Them know you have many friends who are voters pro 2a voters.

Even as they act like they are giving up,don't let up. We may get a midnight Presidential E.O ,trust me they will shoot us in the back if they can! Fight folks,fight!


BOA at it again.

Since when can a bank dictate what may be purchased ???


Monday, January 7, 2013

How ? Please tell me how?

You took a job with the U.S. Govt. You Swore a Scared Oath to the Constitution of your Country of your Govt YOU swore,now we find your word means Nothing! In fact you are a Liar and Traitor.

You see the Founding Fathers knew there were people like you out there! That is why the The 2a is about ARMS not hunting,not personal defense,etc. It is about Arms so that we the U.S. Citizens might defend ourselves against you! You the Liars and Traitors who steal our money,steal our land, force us to eat GMO food and force the Farmers to pay for something they DON'T want,you steal our God given rights. You want us to join your Happy Happy New World Order where all men are Equal. Bullshit!!!! See if Stalin or Lenin Or Hitler Or Mao or any Socialist,communist or any other ist really lived as his fellow man did?? No they lived as Kings while others suffered and died...

Well in America before all of Your bullshit rules and regulations and taxes. A person could be pretty much whatever they wanted with some hard work and a little luck. Now days there is almost no chance of a little guy starting a company and making it. You raid the farmers who try to sell fresh milk to those who want it,hell you terrorize little kids with lemonade stands.

Well if you haven't figured out by now,most Americans even those who haven't said or done a Damn thing up till now,draw the line at Guns. Guns are America. Those of you Traitors and Liars who think your North Com,DHS,TSA,etc etc will stop us. Think again in fact think long and hard. Even the blue helmets you figure to call in to help,hell most Americans use Blue helmets for Target practice.

Please do not Start a civil war in our Country!!! But if you want to take our guns that is what you will do! We the American Citizens will remember each and every one of you Traitors and liars. Imagine your face hanging from that post instead of Mussolini's .....


Ban Guntrol




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