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Patrick Henry

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fucking done with this shit!

I give up for now! Blogger is kicking my ASS! I went with their new format which SUCKS Donkey MEMBERS!! I loaded updated Firefox! Still can't comment on mine or Any blogs with comment button that says Publish. Older button that says publish comments, no problem! I double checked all my settings! I am not computer literate anyway and I do get pissed off and destroy shit once my patience is gone So Fuck it I wait for my friend to get back.

And Wordpress Fuck them too! All my names are already taken unless you want to pay for it! I thought ok whats $17 bucks a yr? I don't make any money off of these blogs I just like to share info and talk with like minded folks. Well I try it guess what? It kept saying lower case letters only. I was using lower case letters only! FUUUCK IIITTT !!!!

One cool sort of thing I just hit my 500th post on this blog. I even started a new blog Hardcore Survival which will be on my knives. Nope can't comment there either. It will be about my knives once I get back on them,and figure this shit out!

As soon as I can I will put up pic of little Bushcraft knife I made for my 5 month old Grandson. What every 5 mo old needs knife?

I may post more,if I don't answer ya Well you might know why!


Are they fucking serious?

I pay Taxes and they are fucking wasting my money like this? Obama is one of the worst mistakes in history!

And big Sis at it again!

See something Say something Ok I see a big scary dyke and a Muslim pretending to be a Christian trying to turn America into USSR or Nazi Germany!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homeland Security secret meeting Oh my!

The gestapo is at it again! Can't wait to see what comes from this!

By the way I still can't comment!? Have to wait on my computer person to get back from honeymoon.
They push more and more! Making boogeymen where there are none! Watch their rights and power grow as ours shrinks!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Welcome to USSA! May I see your papers please?

Shit is getting way out of hand! If not stopped now,When? We need to stand together and stop this bullshit before it is unstoppable!

Good evening Comrades.


Sunday, December 25, 2011


I have changed and went through every thing,even changed to updated account which I don't like!And I still can't comment.Perhaps its a Blogger problem.I will see if problem corrects its self,if not I guess there is word press or Tumblr. I am SO frustrated but since it is x-mas I will save the string of profanities that are about to flow!

If you all haven't seen this yet,you out to check it out! We may soon have a Dictator instead of President.



Since I have been gone,things have changed on some blogs comment section just says publish.Including my 3.The ones that have old style publish button I get through on new style I can't get comment published. So if any of you computer types know why feel free to fill me in! Pete,Six Bears a bunch of ya I tried to leave comments but no go. So I hope no feels slighted.There are many of you I count as friends and am sorry I couldn't leave a message. Enjoy this day for what it really means forget the commercial Bullshit.Enjoy your family and friends.Even in the worst of times we have much to be Thankful for!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

What the Hell blogger won't let me comment.

Blogger ain't lettin me comment for some reason! I sure missed all of ya,and God willing will be back at it soon! Merry Christmas enjoy time with your family friends.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thanks All!

Hey all! Well I did not get fired,the owner came out from Cali and we had a talk. Lesson learned I do not trust the ladies I work with. I do make pretty good money,I have a decent x-mas bonus coming,in Feb I hit 6 yr mark at which time vacation time jumps from 80 hrs to 120. So quitting wouldn't be wise. As much as I DO Not like working with people I don't trust! I am at half way point on getting things caught up! Yay!! Then I get a place in the boonies.

Thanks to all of you for well wishes and offers!!

To my buddy the ghost in southern Ind thanks Bro!Your email choked me up.In the worst of times good friends make all the difference!

You all take care! Be back up soon!

Be Prepared!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shutting down for 3 or 4 months.

China is shutting down for a while. I need to save some cable and internet is killing me.Plus after 5 yrs a person I really care about and thought was a real friend just stuck it all the way in me and broke it off. Our Boss a lady I have worked with and for for over 20 yrs sorta believes the other chick some I may be needing a job.

Regardless I am tightening everything up,paying what little bit I owe.I think about $3000 plus reg bills. Then I am getting my land and FTW.For you non biker types thats Fuck the World.

In 49 yrs of life I have met 1 woman I could trust 1.Fucking sad. Enough boo hooing. R3V-o Send It I hope you and all the folks going to Wall Street make a difference! Hermit Jim keep them great stories coming.

Ken best of luck with new job I hope it becomes full time and great!

Mayberry I hope ya get driving gig and get to stay on water too!

Pete keep preachin Bro somebody might actually get.

All you fine ladies keep at ASR,SciFI and the rest of ya.

Blue keep on keeping on Bro!

Brock keep up the good fight Bro! Just cause I was born in Indiana Bro don't mean I don't get hell my whole family is from the South!

Catman you don't post often,but when ya do its great man!

Toaster keep taking it to em!

Dio keep doing what ya do Bro!

Bill keep it coming!

Sunfighter best of luck in the Ozarks Bro!

Shy Wolf post more people need to hear what ya got to say Bro!

Just too Damn many of ya who matter to me to say something to all of ya. Just a break I will be back at some point.Probably check in from work computer if I have a job!

All of ya take care o yourself's!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

If You love me pass my bill! WTF this is An AMERICAN president?

Careful what you say or you may wind up here! I bet hate speech will be crime de jour!

America that I knew is officially dead! Welcome to Obambas Amerika.

Hey Bumbo Louie Gutierrez and the Illegals are loving the Shit out of ya!

Iam seeing things I ain't never seen before,trouble is I don't wanna see no more.Obscure refrence to Three dog night Mama told me not to come.

Sad Fucking days indeed!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

W-H takes terror threat very seriously!

Yet has any alpha bet soup agency actually ever caught a Terrorist? So far the ones I am aware of,have been caught by Citizens.

Man what a perfect time for a (terror) attack Huh? Bammer going down down down.Economy is sinking quicker than the Titanic.Jobs bill a bust. Death of a few hundred Americans would take peoples minds off of being unemployed,gas prices,econmy,etc.

Yep a good ol terror attack would up the Prez's ratings get the sheep to lock arms and sing America the Beautiful!

Don't worry little Sheep The New York Army will Prevent any Terrorism! Now may I see your papers please!

Update seriously if they can't even protect citizens from rat attacks can they really stop a determined terrorist?


Friday, September 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street... 9-17-11

I know many are done with this Govt and ready for a revolution or the collapse,but neither one will be kind or gentle.Anonymous along with many other groups is planning to Occupy Wall Street Sept 17th ...

A bloodless Revolution would be good. Never let it be said that we didn't exhaust every means possible before going for the guns!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rand Paul vote of no confidence on Timmy Geithner!

Here we go The new reason to control the internet. Homegrown internet jihadi's.

More lies. Govt lied during and after 9/11 act surprised!

Rand Paul calls for vote of no confidence for Tim Geithner! Fire em all!!

Whoa fuck this! Mall of AMERIKA private police? Oh man I have never been to the Mall of AMERIKA nor will I ever go there. However if any private agency Attempts to question me they better have there Tazers ready! Fucking commies!

God Almighty what has become of America?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Texans it's ok I am from the Govt and I am here to help!

What the fuck? Everything they get involved in is a Boondoogle! Let the people do it,if Govt wants to help THEN HELP!Quit trying to RUN things.TOO much EGO,redtape,bullshit! Texas is Burning you assholes! GOD bless Texas!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Euro is dying!

How far behind is the dollar?

The Swiss just screwed the franc!

If you have a good bit of money silver and gold,soon!

If however like me you are financially challenged (broke) then I recommend brass and lead!Or if you're really broke Russian steel and lead,some of its not bad,however try it before buy a bunch some guns don't like it! My mini eats anything.


Oil and nukes !


Friday, September 2, 2011

It is legal! So don't beat anybody ya got nothing to worry about!

Keep filming the police! Appeals court sez it is Legal!

Of course that poor bastard in Chicago might be screwed.I'm not sure Chicago is part of USA?


Thursday, September 1, 2011

It coubldn't just be that he Sucks as President right?

Fuck no it's cause people are Racist! Not because he is turning America the free in to Amerika the unemployed broke Nazi police state Country! Nope just Racism! MSNBC Aka Many Socialist No Brain Cocksuckers.

Fucking Great Chinese missle attacks. Fuck it. Nuke the whole world and get it over with!

Gotta more go later,maybe!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

What the fuck first responders banned?

This is some twisted bullshit here!

Only the Former and Current NWO sock puppets grandstanding?

The current sock puppet is such a dumbass! A day of service? What is a day of Communism going to do to help? A day to remember and reflect,ok! Since many are still convinced it was a false flag operation anyway,it seems odd that first responders won't be there to be Honored in person!? Something really stinks!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Ron Paul people hitting the Streets!

Pitch fork and torch time draws near?

Get your preps in high gear and your house in order!


Greased (Greeced) again.

Here we go again!

So if NYPD has one CIA agent working on Muslim extremist,I wonder how many they have working on DOMESTIC TERRORIST???

You do know Domestic Terrorist right? Them scary Mother fuckers that Work everyday,get pissed because the Govt taxes the hell out of em then wastes the money,some of em even store up Food and emergency supplies because they don't think Uncle Bama will save them OH my Gosh THE horror of it all.Get this,some of them are even going to vote for Ron Paul!Well if they aren't rounded up and sent to a Bama reeducation center.

All the fun I can have for one morning,off to go make some tax money to bail out somebody!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama calls on Syrian President to step down.

Wow right at the same time as Americans call on Obama to step down! No response yet from Syrian President perhaps like Obama he is on Vacation???

Wow 2 days ago U.S. market market drops because of fears of Europe defaults,now world markets down due to fears of U.S. recession? WTH??

And then THIS! S&P downgrades L.A. So L.A. drops S&P Yeah that will Fix it!

Care about your gun rights? Watch this!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YOU Really don't think America is gonna Crash n Burn?

A lot of us have been predicting bad things happening here for a While! Well lets go through the last couple of days of news.

Mean people make more money!

American businesses are failing,can't get loans.But Slick Willy is setting up a loan program for Haiti.Do you recon that fine Gentleman hasn't been to Detroit or any other manufacturing city in the U.S. or maybe take a little road trip through Appalachia.Nothing wrong with helping others mind ya,but charity starts at home!

Yesterday Stocks fall cause of Europe.


Good news is somebody finally caught a live Chupacabra!

The Fix is in.Fitch upholds U.S. AAA credit.

Air Force discharging Sergeant who doubts Obammers legitimacy to be President. Silly Birthers Why he Showed ya his Birth certificate,didn't he? By the way ya'll are Really hurting his feelings calling him a Socialist. Ya ol meanies.

Ron Paul has been Seriously snubbed by News with exception of Jon Stewart slamming Media and of Course the Judge loves Dr Paul I am surprised Fox allows it,since ya know they went business as usual Repub like Romney or Palin or Perry!! No links its everywhere..

17 yr old girl shot dead.

Another Sick Motherfucker killed a 3yr old.

17 yr old boy arrested wanted to blow up his school,wanted larger body count than Columbine.

Cop killed as he was about to shot dogs with stun gun! Homeowner told him to leave and not to come on property without a warrant.

I guess Americans are tired of cops shooting family pets!

Prison business model needs more Americans to be jailed,Obama and Congress aim to oblige!

Ok one GOOD One! A brave man not afraid to get involved saves 6 yr olds life!Take a bow Sir! I salute you!

South American capybara seen in Palo Robles Ca. yep another fuck up in ecosystem.

I personally don't like Perry for President,but I am glad he said if Bernanke prints more money it would be Treasonous!

President Obammer has an Economic plan he will tell us about in September after his Vacation. Oh fuck you guys he just spent two long days on the road in Illinois.You know riding around in them 2 buses that cost 2.2 million dollars,not a total waste of tax dollars at least he put some American coach builders to work! What the FUCK ya mean they were made in Canada?

Do NOT worry Obama sez we are not in Danger of another Recession! Oh yeah cause we are in a Global Depression

Well 111 Black men get jobs as Fire Fighters in Chicago.

Head Black Dem wants unleashed I am Black woman hear me roar!

Big SiS is finally going after Terrorist threats to America! False alarm Going after White men again! Seriously what the Fuck? Enuff is Enuff!

Herman Cain sez Impeaching Obummer would be a Great thing! Why he must be a racist,just another White man who doesn't want a black President lording over him! Huh say what? He's a Black businessman? Oh snap How are the DEMS gonna Spin this?

I am tired and didn't even get to the badshit!

Be Prepared!

Or as they say on the x-files, The truth is out there!

Of course DHS will imprison you if ya look for it!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now we're talking ,Mayberry its at SEA!!

Libertarian artificial islands away from laws! I am not a sailor. But I can learn to sail!



Politics makes for strange bedfellows!

I really don't care much for Jon Stewart,I sorta like Fox business news,except for the fact they ignore or ridicule Ron Paul. So when Jon Stewart spanks All the so called News agencies, well.... I dislike him Much less!!

I don't think Paul is perfect,I do think he is the best of whats out there now.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Damn the bad luck,Poor Obama almost had it whipped!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Pink Floyd and SRV


Corporations are people,says Mitt!


Economist see 30% chance of recession!???? Does this mean we aren't in a Depression? Or at very least heading in to one. See I never got the Memo that first recession was over,ok sorry I am a Damn Liar,I got that memo but didn't believe it!

Recall on tainted beef affects several states,is yours one?

Good ol my Man Mitch,wants to ban all public smoking here in Indiana! Fuck Mitch!! Govt creating more criminals!

Smoking is banned indoors already at most places in Indy. So my Man MITCH will allow me to only smoke IN my home? Govt keeping us safe from ourselves again..

Looking for leadership says Jay Carney. White house debates. Translation Obummer figuring how to save his ASS!

Well hell if its gonna be a long scary ride. Get some food,water,guns n ammo, then fasten your seat belt put your arms up in the air scream n laugh as you enjoy the ride to the bottom.We are going no matter if we want to or not so be prepared and enjoy it a bit!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow regular post goes potty mouth.

While not perfect by any means I still think Ron Paul is the best choice to lead us out of this mess,he will make the tough choices.

I am afraid the Repugnican candidates will bring more of the same ol same.

The ladies Tea party are not I am afraid will be Repubs quickly. Romney PLLEASE hardcore party man.

All you hardcore Repubs like most of my Buddy's remember who gave us the patriot which is being used Against Patriots,Oh maybe That's why they called it Patriot act!

Two Party system is bad. LIBERALS bad,Commies bad,Obummer bad,PEOPLE who control Obummer REAL BAD. Paranoid Chinasyndrome or not they are There.

You know we are screwed right,no matter what! Defense has become such a large part of Americas employment.Bring home the soldiers and have em guard our borders,ha ha yeah Right! If a majority muster out unemployment straight up!

Tragedy at Indiana state fair.

Sick son of a bitches threw away a two year old child?

Danger zone? Nah just another day,until the bottom falls out!

World Bank asshole calls Social Security entitlement program technically asshole is right Americans pay in so are entitled to take out.

FUCK the World Bank,FUCK the U.N.,FUCK the Fed,FUCK the E.U,Fuck being the Worlds police force,FUCK Commies,FUCK the NWO,FUCK the LIBERALS (see Commies)FUCK the Business's who send jobs over seas,FUCK the DHS,FBI, and all the initial agencies who spy on American citizens calling us Terrorist while doing Nothing to stop REAL terrorist,FUCK the SHEEP who need GUBBERMINT to Protect us,FUCK the Bail outs,FUCK wallstreet,FUCK the wars that line the pockets of the warmongers,FUCK the illegals and those who allow them in,and if you disagree with me FUCK you!

I am fucking sick of the World we have helped bail out and build up criticize us.Always someone from NWO.OR fucking illegals,or that stupid black chick in the video who says we are white devils holding down AFRICANS.ONE bitch you ain't never been to Africa get off the fucking welfare work your ass off every fucking day like I and many others do.I am not holding you down You are holding you down. Fuck all! At this point Collapse is probably best thing for America as terrible and painful as it will be.Every man for himself.

Greatest country in the world turned to shit.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Finite amount that could leak???

Shell oil has leak near Scotland.

Gee,makes ya wonder what a Finite amount is 1gal 10gal 100gal or 100 barrels or???

Poor guy!Talk about shitty luck or running out of time.

Oh Brother,Obummer speaking out on politics he's one of us now! You know just a regular guy,that goes on vacation whenever the urge hits! He says we need to speak out and get engaged! Uh right as you call us Terrorist,sic DHS on anyone who disagrees with Liberal Commie policy? But everyday more are speaking out Mr President and we do Expect better Homey we really Do! We are soon to demand it,problem is NONE of you can deliver,none of you!

Whites were easy targets!

Folks do NOT be an Easy Target! I don't care what color you are Do NOT be a victim to criminals! Sometimes (most) You are the only one who can protect You!

Appeals Court puts smack down on Bamacare!

Fast and Furious CIA program? Allowed guns to Mexico Cocaine to U.S. Blimey say it ain't so! CIA involved in Nefarious activities No way!

U.S arming Syrian opposition? NO we are the good guys we wouldn't be involved in Your politics.... WELL unless there is some money to be Made!

Am I the only one who thinks we should maybe get America straightened out before we stick our noses in ANY other Country's business? I mean really Can we afford any more help? Shiiit.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Breaking News !!

Ruger is coming out with a new semiauto to be called the Legislator,it doesn't work and you can't fire it!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Spiral continues...

S&P begins downgrading ratings of agency's linked to U.S. debt.

FUCKING IDIOT, TIm'MAYYY! Timmy sez S&P showed terrible judgement!! WTF? YA mean like WASHINGTON spending money they don't HAVE? TIm'MAYY!

If ya'll don't know who TIm'MAY is you gotta watch South Park.

Fellow Hoosiers will note Indiana Company's stocks are among those hitting the shitter!

Dow was down 634 points,gold was over $1700 oz. Gold bugs are saying HAH ha told ya this day was coming!


Down grade update.

7:53 am Gold up $53 Dow futures down 240 points..

Just another day or hello Zimbabwe? Time will tell fasten your seat belts..


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gunwalker so what now Coke runner? Operation POTs an pans?

U.S. is getting spanked at every turn!

The Idiot who ADVISES Obama THE DownGrade President say's Downgrade is TEAPARTY's fault!

Sure numbnuts! Yep Tea party has been in power how long? Axelrod what a douche.If I advised Obummer I would be blaming Somebody for Sure!

Read the last sentence!

We would start to worry if the U.S tipped over into recession? 1. You mean we aren't? 2.Why is it no one in Wash or Banking feels this is a recession? 3.Out here in the Heartland it seems like a recession,maybe Depression.

Finally here we go Larry Summers says we could go into a recession,of course it is S&P's fault.

Ok so we Now know it is either the Tea Party's fault, S&P's fault,or Bush's fault. It is not Obummer and co's fault nope no way,he inherited this mess.

Even if debt rating doesn't send markets lower,economy will!

Revise revise revise every where I look Govt has revised this or revised that.No report that comes is accurate for weeks or months until it is revised!

That Govt can run anything is a fucking joke,get out of the way Washington!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poor Timmy!!! He is PISSED at s&p.. UPDATED!!

After downgrading U.S. credit rating,the Treasury attacks Standard and Poors's because there was a 2 Trillion dollar error! Timmy BIG FUCKING WHOOP if the GOVT was a citizen Motherfucker you not only wouldn't have credit you would be homeless and hungry.TIMMY you and your BUTT buddy Barry have done enough for America please Don't do anything else,Please really.

Ok so you are gonna need jobs,OK good news is we only have 9.1% unemployment and the economy is getting better cause you know we got all these shovel ready jobs and green shoots popping out our asses.

Timmy it is NOT S&P's fault you are a Fucking Idiot an Bwama Bama was obviously a Bad choice Bwana has what kind of experience? Oh right junior Congressman from a Corrupt state!But in a state of Panic and Political correctness BWAMA was elected.I can think of a couple of Black men who would probably make excellent Presidents,Bwana is not on the list!Nor would you have been on list to head Treasury.

Fire em all!!! Ban the Fed! Bring back gold and silver. Treason is a Crime! Hanging offense if I remember correctly!?

Timmy you are an Idiot quit before America hangs you!

OH Shit then I find this!!! Must watch video! What a FUCKIN IDIOT!


Friday, August 5, 2011

The real collapse?

This is the beginning a down grade.I think it was around 9:00 when I found it on Yahoo,then It was on fox business later.

Anyway I wonder if that's how the Real Collapse will go down,you come after a long hot day of work,catching up on the blogs and news,BammO the U.S. dollar is worth 0, hits the news about 9:00?

I am not A DEMOCRAP nor REPUGNICAN! I am a Patriotic hardworking American citizen as Free as a wage slave can be!

The down grade will affect me indirectly I have no mortgage,no car payments,I do not borrow money,well not from institutions any way,I do not have or use credit,the one house I bought I bought on contract. Yet rates on many things will go up for all of us!

Still as an American,I am Fucking mad! How the Fuck do these IDIOTS FUCK UP the Greatest country in the World? Barry and company will blame it on Bush as always,Bush did contribute no doubts there,but Barry and Co. have had what 3 years to DO SOMETHING!

Besides bowing to every leader in the world,making a health care plan no one wanted his Main priority,taking an ass load of vacations,making NWO plans a reality,what the Fuck has he done?

We are WORSE OFF than before!

Barry go home to your Village in Africa.

Americans grow a pair,stand up for your Country,your Constitution,your rights,YOU my Friend are an American FUCKING ACT like It, STATUS QUO, NO !!!

Now they are starting in on the Tea Party,which I think was pretty much hijacked anyway!


WE THE PEOPLE need to put an END to this SHIT!! NO MORE!!



Whoop There it Is! U.S credit DOWNGRADED!

Fucking ASSHOLES in WASHINGTON have done it!

Standard and Poors downgrades U.S credit rating! AAA down to AA+. Way to go Barry!!! Commies are taking us down..

Guns and Food people. They all ready control the money. After money comes food,which they ARE working on presently with farm laws etc! DO Not ever give up your Firearms whatever slight Freedom we still have is only due to the fact so many of us Americans are Armed.


Investors Freaking out...

GLOBAL Recession Blah Blah talking heads all talking about Asia markets Falling.Will Dow go up or down.Everybody WAITING for unemployment report,if its above 9% FFRREEAAKK out,if it drops a tiny bit Happy days are here again!? Fucking IDIOTS.

We are fucked no matter what!

Krushchev must be dancing in Hell!! His Boy Barry has done more than all previous Commies combined. And has a lot of Americans believing his act...


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is this the beginning of the collapse?

The beginning obviously started a long time ago! But things seem to be crazzyyy right now.

Dow falls 500 + points..

And this.

Yep,you already know if Wallstreeters suffer they are sure as hell gonna make the rest of us pay!

Now keep an eye on these numbers! It seems they post good or ok numbers then a week or two later they Revise the numbers... Games gotta play their games!

Record lows on two year treasury yields.

Friday jobs report could finish off markets?

Oil down,I wonder if we will see any of this down?

Every channel has experts and their theories right now! Lots of theories But nobody seems to really know whats going on other its going to be bad!

Good luck my Friends! FYI Honeyville grains has their food on sale 4th - 9th,Cheaper than dirt and Sportsmans guide both have green tips on sale!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breaking it down! EXTENSIVE cussing!

Ok from Prison Planet and Yahoo and whoever, links are provided.

Lets start here NRA sues Feds! The part that has me fucking Steamed is the Commie in Chief! The weasel dick actually said He is working on Gun control but he has to go UNDER the Radar,to all the fucking people who have told me he isn't going after American's guns,FUCK YOU! I told you he was! Guess what BARRY you Commie Motherfucker We all knew You were going under the Radar! The only problem is Your boy Holder doesn't want to fly under the Radar,he wants em now! OOPS you bumped the Radar BITCH!
You Fuckers have Violated the Constitution in so many ways and we sit back and say Oh well,Well guns are the One item that will Ignite this Country! Light it motherfuckers,come on Set it OFF!

Super Congress,the Group of Thirteen.I bet these Son of a bitches have copies of the Constitution for toilet paper in the White house restrooms cause they sure wipe their asses on it everyday!

Spending CUTS? HA HA Fucking stop my sides are hurting!

Ho fucking Hum, The Govt spying on its citizens SOME MORE.Act Surprised,why, I am shocked and outraged! Isn't this the home of the Free? Land of the Brave? Fuck on Home of the FREELY FUCKED. Land of the Bamboozled.

You know there's a lot more,but fuck it! If you aren't prepped You better get prepped!


Update on D.B. Cooper

Sort of! They are checking to see if dead man is Dan Cooper.Long dead.As One Astute reader noted ok we have spent 3 or 4 million dollars trying to find the man who took the $200,000.We will find you!No matter how much we must Spend!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Creadible lead in D.B.Cooper case? I hope not!

Funny after leaving a comment a while back at Hermit Jim's,I find this the FBI are still chasing Dan Cooper.. Give me a freakin break.November 24th 1971 the dude is old or dead.200,000 while a bunch of money then,ya you know back when we thought Govt spending in the Billions was just unacceptable,wouldn't buy one way trip in fuel for Pelosi's jet she had to have!!

Why don't they let the poor guy go and figure where all my wasted tax dollars went? Maybe look in to their Amigos in Gunwalker?

The article states it wasn't even U.S. news agency that caught wind of tip! Ain't that a surprise?

Run Dan Run! I know the man was a criminal.But so far as I know he hurt no one,so Screw it Run Dan Run!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cool (Indian) sorry Natvive American govt just as crooked as ours!

Sorry,but power and money corrupts!Almost always...


The end of the world as we know it!

Oh my God its the End of the world,well according to every news site in the world.Oh yes friends and neighbors it is true the Maroons an Morons in Wash. are still fighting and debating..

However I Chinasyndrome have single handedly came up with the solution to our debt woes!! Yep took 45 seconds..

Read this then come back..

OK ya back now? 7.3 freakin tons of Blow.. Well Honduras may claim it but U.S. Coast Guard spotted em first so finders keepers. Now I don't what an oz of coke goes for these days...Yeah Yeah misspent youth I know.. But 7.3 tons, hell we confiscate and sell it! Tah Dah!!!!!

No more U.S. debt problem!

Ok next I take on something really hard like what to do with all the nukes in the world,how to clean up FOOKEDOSHIMA, or 5.56 vs 7.62 Hell you know the hard stuff!

P.S don't think U.S. has connections to sell drugs Ha Ha research Air America.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tribute to my fallen Buddy!

3%4 FREEDOM damn I sure I miss ya Brother! The fight is gettin tougher.I learned much,but ya had to go before we got to final lessons.You left me in good company.2 fuckin A number one Bro's I know I can call on if need be.That was worth more than ya know! Got some stand up ones here on the blogs a lot of your favorites are mine too! Our Brother from another mother Mayberry,same with Ken one mind 2 bodys,Catman,Blue you would liked this dude even though he was Army.Pete,Bill,Sam,Toaster,Too many to name em all! Hell your avitar is still on many.Brother you were one of a kind.Sometimes I just about give up I am not a badass Marine scout/sniper just one tired Maint man who loves his Country and Freedom.But I know if you had a breath left in ya you wouldn't quit.So Bro in your Honor I won't quit.You would puke if ya could see the mess we are in now.I still have Faith that there are enough stand up Motherfuckers who are getting tired of being called terrorist,when we work serve pay taxes who will one day stand up and Say Fuck this No MORE!!


Semper FI BROTHER gone but not Forgotten!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow they have been busy creating White extremist haven't they!

Prison planet is full of story's about white extremist,wackos like me who believe in the NWO,white Al-Qaeda? Right!!! Two shooters on Island.. Perhaps killer was a Freemason? Right wing extremist are responsible!!! Or Muslims not sure but its one or other as rumors fly.No hard evidence but plenty o rumors!! What happened to REAL news??? Facts supported by evidence? Not one parties hopes of what happened. Oh well check out prison planet I'm really not interested.Sad so many had to die for what ever reason was!


Tried to make her go to rehab,but she said no no no!

Fuckin sad 27 yrs old.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I thought you were my friends! Now I find out ya ain't nothing but white middle aged terrorist!

Wow,I am pissed and I won't be talking to none of you bastards anymore! Cause I know most of ya are middle aged white guys! I know most of you are suspicious of DHS and the police.I know some of you slimy bastards actually have silver and gold.AND I have a sneaking suspicion some of ya's have Gadsen flags and Oh horrors you you have guns!!! I know at least two of ya drive vans.

Well I don't know why YOU people would video tape the police I mean they are the Law! And I know they have a very good reason for covering their badges and names and dressing like soldiers...

I knew it,all you young fuckers wearing Hoodies I knew you were Terrorist!

Ron Paul seems to be the Ayatollah of this Terrorist group,and you people supporting him HAH Janet knows about you!

Well the good thing is FEMA is joining DHS in a syops campaign to stop All you white middle class terrorist so that Amerika will be safe for ALL Middle Eastern suicide bombers!

Hat tip to Blue for bringing this to my attention!

Janet N. Queen of Homeland insecurity! Being a working class white male is about to become illegal.SAD SAD days in America!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Change,how can we really change things?

Tea party was a great idea.They are making things a bit harder for the Parties but nothing really being done.

What do You think we can and should do to get real change?

If we don't no one will. Most of us are just waiting for collapse! Which could be mere months away. Should we,can we really Do anything? Talk to me! I ain't much on doing nothing.My motto for my boys at work do something even if its wrong.



The Rand corp...

I posted on the Rand corp jan 14th 2010 stating we need a stability police force.Now I see they are at it again.. Who is the Rand corp? Why do they get so much money from the Govt?One thing all police forces need is Criminals! If there are no criminals they manufacture them! Are you ready?


Monday, July 18, 2011

WoW so Sad!

I just saw a montage Laura Ingram did comparing Obama with Jimmy Carter arguably the worst President ever. They sounded interchangeable!It would be funny if my Country wasn't suffering so bad. I think Carter was inept.Obama I think is such a hard core Liberal the demise of America would be a victory bringing in the NWO to save the day!

Well Jimmy Bama guess what? You all better get you're Shit together,because not all of us will starve nor will we welcome your Saviors in the blue helmets. In fact most of us think them blue helmets make Wonderful targets.

The news does nothing but chart the fall of America. Imus was on supporting Mitt Romney I wonder if this means the Masters have decided on Mitt?

Real people are Suffering while the Parties fight and argue.Have you seen this article from Forbes?

Somebody is lying! No checks? Or no problem? Which is it? I think the money is gone! Show me the money!While you are at it show me the Gold! Bet its gone too!

The only places hiring are Govt Security agencies. If you don't mind screwing over your fellow Americans,go for it!Hell they will convince you that it is in our best interest rather quickly. Cause ya know us Citizens is too stupid to know whats good for us!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Huumm guess Obama can't remember what they put on that birth certificate!

Read here.

Hillary out blowing more U.S. dollars?

And this sad piece from Alex Jones.

Forget the news its all bad! Prep! Prep! Prep!


Does anyone think Ron Paul has a chance?

I like Ron Paul.I don't agree with all of his views but with many I do.However I think mainstream Amerika is not ready. I think The Repug's are airbrushing and fluffing Mitt's hair right now. Dem o pukes well we know they have the great black dope eerr I mean hope.

We really are in the shitter and they keep throwing more of the same at us!

For those of you who still believe in your Govt and think things are not getting worse just remember the so called bubbles and financial crisis.Myself and my fellow bloggers called them 2 yrs before they hit,while Uncle's Bush and Bama and their experts were saying minor bumps in the road everything will be fine!

I am still begging people to put away food and a way to defend your self.If you have plenty of money silver and gold are great if not food and ways to grow-get more.

America hell the world is in trouble,and until we demand things change they will stay the same.Change is hard.Sometimes ugly.

Most people don't like change. I usually don't I go to the same ol places just because I always have not a good reason.

We Need to DEMAND change! not hope for it!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Annoucement from the Obama Administration.

Today President Obama just announced he is changing our national symbol from the bald eagle to a Condom since this more accurately reflects the Govts stance.

A condom allows for inflation,halts production,destroys the next generation,protects a bunch of dick's,gives you a sense of security while you are being Screwed.

More Hope and Change to follow.

Regards Barry Uh I mean President Obama.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gag puke Mrs Obama sez we have help from the media!

No Shit.If any President in History sucked this bad he would of been ran out on a rail dripping tar and feathers.Guess what sweetie.The Children and Media won't save your lame asses this time!!

Damn every sumbitch in office now should be banned from office.Pelosi said she is almost to busy to listen to debt limit debates! Bitch this is Your Job!!!!!! Too busy? WTF? IMPEACH em All!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back in Action!

Hey all China's back! I had computer trouble and just needed a break.Should be back to posting regularly soon.Hope all of ya are well!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Computer is down!

My computer bit the dust so posting will be sporadic.I hope everyone is well and prepping.Talk to ya next time.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Killer combo.

High food and gas.

Black choppers over Miami

VIPR squads at Florida train stations. Some think only good VIPR is a dead headless VIPR snakes I am talking about snakes.

Dollar is at a Two and a half year low. Gold and Silver set new records.

The Devils minion Soros is still on his mission of collapsing the U.S. dollar.

Did you know Dirty Harry and friends are Vaca ur on a junket I am sure they weren't there just to gamble on taxpayers dime.Probably saving the U.S. economy or some such important issues.


Fucking animals need put down!

What is going on with people thinking they can just attack people for any reason? Fat black chick and her friend beat a lady so severely she had a seizure.What the fuck white girl get the last big mac?

16 year old animal kills two men.Innuendo that tourist shouldn't be in that area.Ok even if they were out looking for some weed does that give a 16 year old animal who just got for a shooting offense the right to rob and kill them? Now he will face life in prison. A life paid for by us. Fuck that Fire up old sparky,let him ride the lighting live on a special 8 o clock news broadcast. Then crying Momma or Aunties can go on and tell what a great boy he was he only robbed people to support the church and food bank.

Now all of ya seen this one where young blood gets his ass kicked by 67 yr old man.He put his hands on old man first.The old lady telling him to kick white guys ass WTF?

Now I am sure I will be labeled racist. Whatever! But black or white if you put your hands on me or mine,try to jack my car,rob my home I will do my best to end your life. I am fucking sick of these animals.They go to jail on our dime,pump iron all day,learn how to steal and kill better.Get fucking dental and health care yet I know working folks who can't get either. Sick animals get put down!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All about the money.

Govt trying to sell Govt Motors loss of only 11 billion dollars. No big deal,we have taxpayers chumps will give us more.I love being Go I mean President.

U.S. debt set a new world record 14.3 TRILLION! Yikes! Better get that debt ceiling raised Timmy you're bumping your head on the ceiling!

Gold up to $1,500 Silver climbing fast.

China tells Timmy and Ben to protect creditors. Beijing said dok mi qui oh chu mak translation - yo homes you aint got my cash I be all up in your hizzy bustin caps in yo ass!

SORRY we must break in to my usual daily programing (drivel)to bring you this special report! If you want a Saiga or other fighting, sporting type shotgun you better get it soon! Big brother is at it again. I can hear it now,no decent person needs a shotgun that holds so many bullets.Why would a hunter want a pistol pistol grip.OOOhhh says the little liberal girlieman why do theey need soo many bullets as their little panties knot up around their shrunken little member.

You fuckin limpwristed pussy's why keep up with the high capacity shit? Most of us could take you out with a single shot.There are some real scary men here in the U.S. who wouldn't even need a gun of any type. Sorry go change your soiled panties I will wait... Ok girlie man It goes like this we are tired of explaining why!IT is our Right to own which ever arm we chose.You whiny bitches and would be Dictators are really starting to piss us off! Let it go.Stick with the ice makers and spying on trash Really let it go!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Then people will start to wonder what are we thinking?

No dumbass we already wonder what the fuck are you thinking and doing. Then we remember oh yeah,collapsing our economy,giving America to Bankers,Commies,Illegals. 2 million a minute.Of course they will raise the ceiling. I want to raise my debt ceiling I seen a Most awesome M-1a National Match all stainless steel.Dumbass.

Oh no! Say it ain't so! Could we have possibly Invaded Iraq for OIL? No way it was a Humanitarian mission.Cause we care. Why I can't believe these provocateurs would say this.Its America we did it for the Children!

Speaking of oil.$2.84 billion to Columbia? Raise the debt ceiling,raise taxes,loan to foreigners! WTF? Drill our oil.Dumbasses.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Head of World bank says One shock away from Crisis

As much as I despise these groups,IMF,UN,World bank,etc, we should listen. Not for his purposes for our own. I didn't even finish article,I am sure he wants more money from the Rich nations to help the Poor nations. Even though it is a scare tactic,there is in my opinion some truth in it.

The Kenyan is pulling off some more Big Brother shit!Man this stuff gives me the creeps.I don't want all my info in one place you Bastards!

One Billion in Physical Gold!!! If everybody demands this look out!

Stealing food

Lou Dobbs Elite are setting up one world order! Well no shit Sherlock,us crazy Domestic terrorist been telling ya that for a loooong time.


Radiation 6500 times legal limits. Ain't this how Godzilla came to be? Seriously Radiation and oil plumes. I wonder how long before Mother Nature sez fuck it I am taking all of ya OUT.At the rate we're going maybe she won't have to.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crazy world

Skeletor said elections shouldn't matter as much as they do.Well dumbass they do matter and they don't matter. They matter to you cause your dried up ass lost oh yeah a queen without throne.They don't matter much to us cause we have you left wing commies and we have right wing commies.I know many take their party politics very serious but as a buddy used to say six of one half dozen of the other.

Obummer must be smoking Snoop Doggs Chronic cause he and the one before have already done it,we are a third world country.But keep smilin that cheezy shit eating grin telling us we need to tighten our belts while you and the Mrs take a dozen or so vacations a year.It seems it is common knowledge in Muslim land that Obummer is a muslim. Uncle Vlad has a video with Pastor Manning up really worth watching if you are a. Christian b. Jewish c. American d. Not wanting to be killed or enslave by Muslim's

Radiation is getting ridiculous.Yes it is spreading,yes it is here!

The bastards that be are still lying about Gulf oil pumper.Its fixed right? humm...

And radiation is going up in ocean again.

Humm U.N. lied and tried to hide climate info again?

Speaking of the the Bastards in blue helmets,did you catch this?

Food crisis looming.

Beat down by economy.,_Tore_Down,_Beat_Down,_Busted_And_Disgusted_By_This_Economy_/13522/0/0/0/Y/M.html

U.S. meat and poultry contaminated with super bugs.

Obummers agenda,come on you didn't really think he was that stupid just accidentally collapsing American did ya?

Thats enough. Paranoid? Maybe. But it doesn't mean they are not out to get us!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're #1 we're #1 we're #6 hey what just happened?

Oh yeah our Govt is subverted by lefty communist trying to destroy America.Ahh go back to sleep it will be ok.

This from CO on my other blog. Why yes the Kenyan is trying to destroy America!

And we are almost there! Soros must being creaming his jeans. Like a shark on the scent of blood in the water. Well Mr billionare nwo would be king and Mr commie president kenyan playing American subversive guess what we Patriots see through your Bullshit.Once regular Americans pull their heads out of the sand and see whats going on, Geez you Commies are in for an ass whipping like you never seen.I mean no quarter no asked none given.True ugliness.None left to ever try this kind of bullshit again.Are you scared? You fucking should be! Look up Deguello motherfuckers.Remember when Santa Anna killed a bunch of boys at a little mission he was happy he won all warm and fuzzy.Well thats you pricks you think you won! Now look up what happened on the way home. OOPSie ran into a Bad fuckin man name of Sam Houston.And his boys was pissed.Well bitches we are Houston and his boys.Keep fuckin with us and see how it goes down!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fuckin whack jobs at the UN

End capitalism to save the planet? How bout we kill a commie for mommy?

Now before any Agencies make a move on me or Commies start crying.That was a common saying back in the day when men were men and the sheep ran scared.If they would of wiped out Communism and all the other ISM's with extreme prejudice we might not be in the shape we are!?

How is trying to rule the world through FOOD or Finance or Environment any better than through WAR? You are still a Dictator trying to rule the world.You are still Harming people!

Wake up America the U.N. is EVIL! IMF EVIL!WORLD BANK EVIL!A Govt that deals with these groups (OURS) EVIL.

I think if UN was really worried about the Environment they would be pumping money and resources into Japan like as of the moment it happened! We do have Radiation spreading out and poisoning the Planet! But Hell there's no money or power in that,right?

Blue helmets make good targets! Keep your anti U.N. devices clean oiled loaded!


Monday, April 11, 2011

The AntiChrist sez America could absorb more debt.

Too bad he doesn't absorb lead and copper! No No Janet I am talking supplements of course.

Arizona is Fucked by Department of Justice. Arizona's ILLEGAL Immigration enforcement is blocked. Fucking Traitors you all will go on list of traitors against America.

Iceland tells Banksters to fuck off! Wow people willing to stand up.America of old.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Doom music.

The song that started it all.

The Boss

Stones painting it black.

Since we all know we are riding a crazy train heres Ozzy.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back up!

Hey all! My computer was down,back up now.Should be posting soon.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Sis loves Fusion centers.

Reich fuhrer Janet N. gearing up for Home grown grown terror and Al Qaida like groups from around the globe.Wow scare the sheep,get more money from taxpayers,take more rights from citizens.

Why did we have a Revolution? Who will protect us from our protectors?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Goddamned sons of bitches

Read this.I don't fly but if I did Yeah there would be some inappropriate comments!

This is America you ass licking commie son of a bitches.You Mother Fuckers your day is coming. From the ultra rich Eugenicist to the titty-ball groping Tsa agent. People like the old lady who told the commenter (they have it worse in other places) Bitch we are other places.

Fucking sheep! Baa Baa it's for our own good,BBAAAA they are keeping us safe! Hang on a minute ok back with ya I had to Throw up an wipe the tears from eyes.

I will stop now anything else I say at this point will get me arrested.Jokes and inappropriate comments are not tolerated in Obamas Amerika. All Hail the Obamnation!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Crap! Did you know this?

72 tons of spent rods? One of these times we will see if the Chinasyndrome is true,of course no one may be alive to know.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back the fuck off of Obama,he's busy ok!

I mean it all of you riding his ass need to just back the fuck off. So what if he is off a few trillion on budget deficit. Ok so unemployment is not better.

I mean ok so he fiddle fucked around for 31 days then put us in another Unconstitutional war. So our economy is collapsing.Big whoop. At least he had that all important summit on bullying,he got his basketball brackets filled out, and last but not least he got that 61st golf game in.

Hey you poor dumb uneducated working bastards don't get it PIMPING ain't EASY!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Damn I am surrounded .

I decided to see how many nuclear plants are in my area.No operating units in Ind.However I count 11 in Illinois.8 in PA.Several in Oh. Damn the mid west is surrounded.Now since many experts,the bots,and common sense would tell ya there is a big fault known as the New Madrid fault. Shown here.

Link to NRC has list of reactors.

You may want to check your area.Arkansas as most are aware has had swarms of quakes lately. Possibly due to gas wells.?

Ok lets see Mid west.Quakes/check,Nuclear reactors/check,tornadoes/check,fema camps/check,Great lakes/check.

Shit we got it all!

Seriously folks everybody predicting something.The earth does seem to be letting loose,quakes,volcanoes,tsunami's,giant sinkholes,huge cracks,etc. I don't have a clue whats going on,2012? Sunspots? Brown dwarf behind the sun? God angry? Natural part of the ever changing earth?

Whatever it is I would strongly suggest you go over potential problems for your area,make evac and rendezvous plans. Check bug out bags and have em ready to go close to door of normal exit.You do not want to have to go far with your housing shaking and heaving.That closet in the the bedroom or basement forget it,won't be enough time.

A car kit would be great.Just run for the door. Scary business,being prepared with a dose of luck,will make it not as scary.

Be Prepared!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

WTF? Illegal linking? DHS at work!

I am glad my tax dollars are keeping us safe! Fucking Nazi bastards.

Go Utah! One state with common sense.Real money.

OOP's sorry about yer cousin,I mean dude he looked like a terrorist.My bad!

Just ran out for smokes.Holy crap $3.65 a gal this morning.$3.33 yesterday.

Might as well Go there. So do ya reckon anyone is lying? Totally safe. 8 times normal levels.Totally safe. We are afraid of a melt down but its totally safe not like Chernobyl. Um huh.Right. Well if you are the praying type these folks sure could use em!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What the fuck,we are doomed!

Just been reading and watching. It seems to me we are doomed. Americans can't agree on anything. Revolution now. No Revolution too bloody. Vote em out. Can't vote em out. Much debate of late on leaders. Personally I think the Patriot camp could use a Good leader. Even as most of us don't want to be lead. I don't want people fighting in the streets of America. My friends or yours getting killed. However I do see the PTB getting stronger while we debate,argue,and finger point. I am still listening to as many sides as I can. I think about Bills plan on local community,sounds good.Until the PTB decides little community has slighted them in some way. Pull a Waco on you.

I have no answers. Only questions. Not slamming anyone just looking for holes in plans. DHS is getting more power by the day! The average person doesn't even see,what we see HELL they don't want to see.Too scary! And it is! I guess I am in one of my negative moods because I see nothing we do as even slowing them down. Starve em? Bullshit we are fattening em up!Even as we go hungry!

Damn how the hell did we get this far off track? At this point we bloggers must not be seen as a threat,at least not a big one.We are still here aren't we. Back to the doomed part,our economy is going down,Police state growing by the day,to many people with too many different views wanting too many different things. To be successful we need a United front! Ain't happening here! Maybe on certain issues. If they cut Social Security we will see people in the streets.

Nah I ain't seeing it.We quietly sit by and let it roll. Hell we can't make an American president show he really is American. Just watchin em sell our Country out from under us. Lockin us down one step at a time.

On this one no I don't consider S.S. a handout people paid in they should get paid back.But look at the figures.

Oil will that be the stake thru Americas heart?

China,Russia,France,Iran, countless boonie countries and all Dictatorships hate us. America has few friends so whatever happens it will be us and those like us that save it or surrender it.Like I said no answers but it ain't lookin good for the home team!

If you haven't seen this you should watch it. The U.N. and our National Parks what the fuck? Funny they never asked me or anyone I know if it was ok!

Be Prepared!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stock market bubble?

Most are saying no! Didn't everyone associated with real estate say the same thing? Investors beware!

Food,water,land,precious metals like silver,gold,lead,brass,Guns,trapping and fishing equipment thats a sure fire investment.

Be Prepared!


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