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It seems if you are a patrotic American who believes in the constitution and not socialism, then you too shall become an Enemy of the State !
I am not anti goverment, I am Anti Bad goverment!
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The people should not fear their goverment, their goverment should fear the people!

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cool (Indian) sorry Natvive American govt just as crooked as ours!

Sorry,but power and money corrupts!Almost always...


The end of the world as we know it!

Oh my God its the End of the world,well according to every news site in the world.Oh yes friends and neighbors it is true the Maroons an Morons in Wash. are still fighting and debating..

However I Chinasyndrome have single handedly came up with the solution to our debt woes!! Yep took 45 seconds..

Read this then come back..

OK ya back now? 7.3 freakin tons of Blow.. Well Honduras may claim it but U.S. Coast Guard spotted em first so finders keepers. Now I don't what an oz of coke goes for these days...Yeah Yeah misspent youth I know.. But 7.3 tons, hell we confiscate and sell it! Tah Dah!!!!!

No more U.S. debt problem!

Ok next I take on something really hard like what to do with all the nukes in the world,how to clean up FOOKEDOSHIMA, or 5.56 vs 7.62 Hell you know the hard stuff!

P.S don't think U.S. has connections to sell drugs Ha Ha research Air America.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tribute to my fallen Buddy!

3%4 FREEDOM damn I sure I miss ya Brother! The fight is gettin tougher.I learned much,but ya had to go before we got to final lessons.You left me in good company.2 fuckin A number one Bro's I know I can call on if need be.That was worth more than ya know! Got some stand up ones here on the blogs a lot of your favorites are mine too! Our Brother from another mother Mayberry,same with Ken one mind 2 bodys,Catman,Blue you would liked this dude even though he was Army.Pete,Bill,Sam,Toaster,Too many to name em all! Hell your avitar is still on many.Brother you were one of a kind.Sometimes I just about give up I am not a badass Marine scout/sniper just one tired Maint man who loves his Country and Freedom.But I know if you had a breath left in ya you wouldn't quit.So Bro in your Honor I won't quit.You would puke if ya could see the mess we are in now.I still have Faith that there are enough stand up Motherfuckers who are getting tired of being called terrorist,when we work serve pay taxes who will one day stand up and Say Fuck this No MORE!!


Semper FI BROTHER gone but not Forgotten!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow they have been busy creating White extremist haven't they!

Prison planet is full of story's about white extremist,wackos like me who believe in the NWO,white Al-Qaeda? Right!!! Two shooters on Island.. Perhaps killer was a Freemason? Right wing extremist are responsible!!! Or Muslims not sure but its one or other as rumors fly.No hard evidence but plenty o rumors!! What happened to REAL news??? Facts supported by evidence? Not one parties hopes of what happened. Oh well check out prison planet I'm really not interested.Sad so many had to die for what ever reason was!


Tried to make her go to rehab,but she said no no no!

Fuckin sad 27 yrs old.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I thought you were my friends! Now I find out ya ain't nothing but white middle aged terrorist!

Wow,I am pissed and I won't be talking to none of you bastards anymore! Cause I know most of ya are middle aged white guys! I know most of you are suspicious of DHS and the police.I know some of you slimy bastards actually have silver and gold.AND I have a sneaking suspicion some of ya's have Gadsen flags and Oh horrors you you have guns!!! I know at least two of ya drive vans.

Well I don't know why YOU people would video tape the police I mean they are the Law! And I know they have a very good reason for covering their badges and names and dressing like soldiers...

I knew it,all you young fuckers wearing Hoodies I knew you were Terrorist!

Ron Paul seems to be the Ayatollah of this Terrorist group,and you people supporting him HAH Janet knows about you!

Well the good thing is FEMA is joining DHS in a syops campaign to stop All you white middle class terrorist so that Amerika will be safe for ALL Middle Eastern suicide bombers!

Hat tip to Blue for bringing this to my attention!

Janet N. Queen of Homeland insecurity! Being a working class white male is about to become illegal.SAD SAD days in America!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Change,how can we really change things?

Tea party was a great idea.They are making things a bit harder for the Parties but nothing really being done.

What do You think we can and should do to get real change?

If we don't no one will. Most of us are just waiting for collapse! Which could be mere months away. Should we,can we really Do anything? Talk to me! I ain't much on doing nothing.My motto for my boys at work do something even if its wrong.



The Rand corp...

I posted on the Rand corp jan 14th 2010 stating we need a stability police force.Now I see they are at it again.. Who is the Rand corp? Why do they get so much money from the Govt?One thing all police forces need is Criminals! If there are no criminals they manufacture them! Are you ready?


Monday, July 18, 2011

WoW so Sad!

I just saw a montage Laura Ingram did comparing Obama with Jimmy Carter arguably the worst President ever. They sounded interchangeable!It would be funny if my Country wasn't suffering so bad. I think Carter was inept.Obama I think is such a hard core Liberal the demise of America would be a victory bringing in the NWO to save the day!

Well Jimmy Bama guess what? You all better get you're Shit together,because not all of us will starve nor will we welcome your Saviors in the blue helmets. In fact most of us think them blue helmets make Wonderful targets.

The news does nothing but chart the fall of America. Imus was on supporting Mitt Romney I wonder if this means the Masters have decided on Mitt?

Real people are Suffering while the Parties fight and argue.Have you seen this article from Forbes?

Somebody is lying! No checks? Or no problem? Which is it? I think the money is gone! Show me the money!While you are at it show me the Gold! Bet its gone too!

The only places hiring are Govt Security agencies. If you don't mind screwing over your fellow Americans,go for it!Hell they will convince you that it is in our best interest rather quickly. Cause ya know us Citizens is too stupid to know whats good for us!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Huumm guess Obama can't remember what they put on that birth certificate!

Read here.

Hillary out blowing more U.S. dollars?

And this sad piece from Alex Jones.

Forget the news its all bad! Prep! Prep! Prep!


Does anyone think Ron Paul has a chance?

I like Ron Paul.I don't agree with all of his views but with many I do.However I think mainstream Amerika is not ready. I think The Repug's are airbrushing and fluffing Mitt's hair right now. Dem o pukes well we know they have the great black dope eerr I mean hope.

We really are in the shitter and they keep throwing more of the same at us!

For those of you who still believe in your Govt and think things are not getting worse just remember the so called bubbles and financial crisis.Myself and my fellow bloggers called them 2 yrs before they hit,while Uncle's Bush and Bama and their experts were saying minor bumps in the road everything will be fine!

I am still begging people to put away food and a way to defend your self.If you have plenty of money silver and gold are great if not food and ways to grow-get more.

America hell the world is in trouble,and until we demand things change they will stay the same.Change is hard.Sometimes ugly.

Most people don't like change. I usually don't I go to the same ol places just because I always have not a good reason.

We Need to DEMAND change! not hope for it!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Annoucement from the Obama Administration.

Today President Obama just announced he is changing our national symbol from the bald eagle to a Condom since this more accurately reflects the Govts stance.

A condom allows for inflation,halts production,destroys the next generation,protects a bunch of dick's,gives you a sense of security while you are being Screwed.

More Hope and Change to follow.

Regards Barry Uh I mean President Obama.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gag puke Mrs Obama sez we have help from the media!

No Shit.If any President in History sucked this bad he would of been ran out on a rail dripping tar and feathers.Guess what sweetie.The Children and Media won't save your lame asses this time!!

Damn every sumbitch in office now should be banned from office.Pelosi said she is almost to busy to listen to debt limit debates! Bitch this is Your Job!!!!!! Too busy? WTF? IMPEACH em All!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back in Action!

Hey all China's back! I had computer trouble and just needed a break.Should be back to posting regularly soon.Hope all of ya are well!


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