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Thursday, January 21, 2010

After reading Uncle Vlads .

I read in comments column dude said he seen Chinese soldier in unmarked fatigues buying coffee for 25 people in carmel in.Boys I can throw a rock and hit carmel.Too close for comfort. I know a lot of this kind of info is BS.But some isn't.Germans for sure were here training.Somewhere on you tube is pictures of russian military vehiciles.Too many comments about unrest and uprisings.I am seriously considering starting a third blog so that you military and exmilitary types can help us civilians prepare for this kind of event! Thoughts?


  1. China, I would be more then happy to give you all of my experience that I can via a keyboard. If shit really kicks off, I would really need to do this in person. A trip to Indy coming soon ? LOL , Who knows .

    You know that you can ask me anything and I will do my best to give you the information I have. Trouble is , We are not trained or training daily. All military persons who come here are going to be in better shape , they will have a unique mindset as this is their life 24 hours a day. Their mindset in particular will give them a distinct advantage over any civilian who does not do it on a daily basis, this includes ME .

    On top of that , they will be ready for any actions we implement against them (thanks to this phuck giving them our ops playbook), they will be well armed and well trained in the use of those arms as well as all military tactics.

    Some of those tactics even our military is unaware of as they are unique to the country they are formed in .They will have the best armor, the best weapons and an unlimited supply chain.

    I will do anything I can to help anyone , if I can .The time I will be able to help most will be under fire in a combat situation, God forbid.

    I have said this before and I will say it again : I am in terror of the thought that this may happen here on our soil. It will take place in our yards and our children will be forced to witness horrible, awful, bloody combat . It will take their innocence and forever change them for the worse . Children should not have to bear witness to these things . It is not fair to them .

    Anyways, if you have ANYTHING that you feel I can help with , please do not hesitate to ask.



  2. Yeah just the thought of it Damn. One thing that comes to mind that my help those with no exp,is woods paint ball,granted not military training but it lets you see how people react with shit flying at em.In PB I take point draw fire when projectiles are lead,uuummm I think I will do as much long range sniping as possible.Thanks cuz,gotta think about this one.

  3. Geez , I get kneed in the juevos and look what I miss .

    Anyways, I too would be happy to assist in any way I can . I served in the U.S. ARMY for 9 years and 6 of those were as AIRBORNE RANGER under JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)

    Although I have tried to keep that on the down low , 3% made the info known and I am ok with that . I feel that times are approaching where my expertise may become a valuable asset to our cause and I would be happy to help .

    I have several ideas on things to read for the civilian facing combat . Many things on leaderless resistance and guerrilla warfare . If you are interested in reading these types of things , I will send links or documents or PDF files that I have .

    The thing to remember about all this is, nobody is John Rambo so get hollywierd out of your mind . Nobody gets shot and keeps on going unless it is in the foot or hand then maybe .

    If this happens here , you will do and witness things that you may not be ready for , keep in mind that you can only succeed by keeping your shit together . If you lose concentration in a fire fight you WILL DIE .

    I cried after every single stint of combat, I am not afraid to admit it . I am human and do not enjoy killing . I can if I have to but I will never feel good about doing it .

    The thing to remember is , if you must release in the form of screaming, crying or anything else , do it AFTER the fight is over with or , you will die crying or screaming .

    Anyways , if you decide to open another blog for this purpose, we can go into further detail at that point . Right now my nuts hurt and I am heading to the couch for another round of icing .


  4. Takin my 10 min brake and checkin in. Hey thanks Rev I'm seriously thinkin about it.A lot of people are screaming revolutiton yet I dont think many have thought it through.And at this point I am not advocating rev,just prepping people in case we are attacked,wanted to get that out of the way for feds reading this.Back to what i was sayin,I dont know if a few rednecks with even ARs are going to stand off much of an army.But all the talk about govt prepping for civil unrest has me pretty worried.I will continue tonight after work Thanks for support and help fellas.

  5. Never sell yourself short . Although the odds are not in our favor, motivated individuals can move mountains. If need be, we, the citizens of U.S.A. can make a stand and triumph. Just look at the original colonists , they were heavily outnumbered and their enemy was much more well trained, armed and supplied .

    Who came out on top of that one ? The outnumbered, outgunned and out classed colonists, that's who . My D.I. once told me "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE PROPER MOTIVATION, ANYTHING !"

    Don't have a defeatist attitude nor question your ability to do what must be done when the time comes to do it . Hesitation will kill you, motivation will make you the victor ! I am not advocating for any type of confrontation, I am always leaning toward a peaceful resolution.

    We'll see what happens.




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