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Patrick Henry

Sunday, January 24, 2010

IS it just ME?

OR is there really something wrong with a GOVERMENT that AllOWS terriost traing Camps on U.S. soil.Can't Stop or Catch foreign Terriost.But issues a Memo that that American counter Terrorism groups should start focusing on right wing,christian,racist,miltia,gun owner, types.The Terriost are protected by the Constitution yet Americans have no such PROTECTION. Well now that OBAMA has FIXED health care after his deficit panel is done fixing Deficit in a year,perhaps they will FIX this Too.


  1. Well, if Obama really wanted to fix this problem , he would . Bush jr. didn't want to fix it either and here we sit , in a fkn massively expensive bullshit war, troops dieing everyday and it'll cost a couple trillion dollars and has netted NOTHING .

    It's all part of bringing down the U.S.. In order to achieve a global governance, there can be no sovereign state or country . This is the reason I am preparing not only for basic survival but, for conflict as well .

    These terror groups are going to train here , covered by our own constitution and when the time is right , they will strike . Why else train ? What else are they training for ?

    We will see another horrible loss of life scenario and then Ohitler will ask the country to rally behind him as they did for the shrub.

    Unfortunately for Mr.president , many Americans have awakened to see through your bullshit , lyin horse shit and will not rally behind you . In fact Obama, they may BLAME you in public . Anything this waste of oxygen does is going to be as transparent as it gets .

    We're wise to your lies and many more of us will call bullshit when you try a stunt like that .Sorry Obama, you are not a rockstar anymore .


  2. Well put Bro. I think time is running short for politicos in this country,I'm sure they know it,wonder if this will speed up their wicked little plans?

  3. If you ask any prepper how much things have sped up since January of '09 , they will tell you , as I am , THINGS HAVE REALLY SPED UP !

    I have been prepping for the better part of 10 years and back 10 years ago , gradualism was killing me . I went through dozens of prepper burnouts and got complacent, feeling that maybe I was wrong , maybe this isn't really happening and I AM that nutcase everyone told me I was .

    Since Bushcookie , things have sped up tremendously and now Ohitler has taken "sped up" to a whole new level . He is spending money like none before him , he puts new legislation up for review weekly if not daily and the economy he was supposed to repair (that none ever could fix) has become worse than I ever hoped it would be .

    I watched this 13 part video on you tube by Alex Jones called FALL OF THE REPUBLIC. The economists and trend researchers on that video called Obama "The Closer", with good reason . All of the plans to globalize the world into one governing body, have been gradual, until now .

    It would seem that the elitists are now in a big hurry to finish what they began 75+ years ago . You see, in order to bring us into a global community, we cannot be a sovereign nation.

    In order for a country to remain sovereign, they must be able to sustain themselves with items to trade that equal the amount of imports . So, they destroyed our industrialization and commerce and production of everything . They are crushing our economy and leave us working folks with a sole income of unemployment or welfare.

    We have lost our jobs, many have lost their homes and much more , our ability to stand as a sovereign nation . If we want things to be doable ever again , we must change everything . Nothing can be done the way it was as that wasn't working anyways .

    Things will have to regress back to a simpler time when you didn't buy what you didn't have the cash for. Where jobs were created from companies who made something the world wanted and needed. We had industry and farming and if you succeeded or failed , it was on your own merits. Credit was almost non existent .

    I recommend 'FALL OF THE REPUBLIC" even if you don't like Alex Jones , it is a terrific view into the causes of today's crisis.


  4. Brother thats about as plain as it can be explained yet many (most) still think we are wackjobs.Even as their world slowly collapes around em they dont see it.I 've kinda quit talkin about it so much.I have opened a couple eyes,here lately one son is steppin up gettin ready,1 more son and daughter dont get it,oh well one at a time maybe.


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