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"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Sunday, January 17, 2010

IT !!

I dont know what the hell is going on,I'm over last weeks little issue.But someting just aint right,cant put my finger on it.

We know its coming maybe its just the frigging waiting thats got everybody kinda weirded out.

Maybe its cause theres someplace we'd rather be,another better way of livin.Workin just to have a place to live,car to drive,food to eat.

I'm not lazy I have worked my whole life and I dont mind workin,but this just aint it.

Like most of ya I'm gettin shit payed off gonna buy couple acres either south or southwest Ind.Call it done.

I am thankfull to have a job right now but those who call it wage slavery are right man it sucks,but damn there is a lot to learn.

Everything about our world seems false,fake,the stock market its not based on any kind of real factors anymore ( is a co. sound ,earning money) no its based on sentiment,what the hell is that sentiment?

Up down up down, one week they are expecting a rally following week the fundamentals are bad?? What but last week ya said!

Oil thats just more bullshit it rises on this it drops on that,but in the morning when they announce increase by lunch time gas is rising,when they announce decline in oil it takes one to three weeks for gas to drop???????

THE goverment shit lets dont even go there.

Theres been two scenarios most folks predict just bam wake up one mornin and the shit has hit the fan,the other is the long slow slide,well boys and girls I think we are in the looonnggg slow slide,just a little more bullshit every day.Hang in there people.


  1. Ok brother , I know I steal quite a few of Thomas Jeffersons' quotes but, dammit he was frikin right about everything ! Here is one that pertains to this post:
    "Experience hath shewn,that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and with slow operations, perverted it into tyranny"

    The man was a genius I tell you ! Anyways , you were correct , yet again, that this is the long slide to collapse. Some have called it the final nerve twitches of something that is dieing . Our country has died already , if you ask me . This isn't the same country that I grew up in , is it the same as when you were young ?

    We are forced to sit and wait and wait........... and wait for the shit to break loose , whatever that may be. I hate this crap to be honest, China, it drives me insane . Other blog owners are experiencing the burnout of massive crap being pulled DAILY and yet none of it is the smoke signal gone up to say "HEY , IT'S ON PATRIOTS, LET'S GO TAKE IT BACK".

    So, we wait , together and still , each of us hopes it will chill out , all the while knowing it's FUBAR . I dunno man , it sucks. Glad you are here to keep us informed and busy learning while we wait .



  2. Ya know man,I wonder if other people realize they came up with all those sayings because they dealt with tyranny,not because 200+ years later it would look.and yeah,it is wearing us all down

  3. supposed to have said look cool.All of the qoutes from founding fathers were literal,it means what I say quotes.And these rabid son of a bitches,are atcting like we dont have a history.Hell one more year of this shit,they will rewrite history nd tell us fathers were terriost and we shouldd go back to being subjects of england. Carry on marine,you will not let this shit get you down,that is an order!Spend your time prepping and learin,and dont forget to spend time with those you love,I know you and Rev are facing some bad personal times,but I gotta feelin if anybody can pull out of it you two can.Lets turn slow slide to our advantage.

  4. AYE AYE SIR !
    I have let some things get to me , mostly I get pissed off or unbearably hateful . I see this slow slide as a last shot at getting the rest of my sh!t together . I have to do this. This is MY deal , nobody else in the family thinks it'll get as bad as I keep telling them it will.

    You guys , the preppers are the ones I turn to in cases where I need information , to blow off steam and to just discuss this fiasco because nobody I know, except R3volution cares to deal with this .

    R3v has a family too . He too is alone in his preps, nobody believes this is happening . They call us insane, china, but, who really is the nut case here? Those who make preparations for bad times or those who sit on their thumbs and don't do a damned thing ?

    Well anyways man, thanks for being here for all of us ! It's great to have allies in the fight.



  5. Yeah,I'm with ya Bro one of my boys believes but aint doing much the other kids nah,exwife good girl she's on board.only couple of friends.And yeah it goes both ways I appreciate all the advice from you guys and it is cool to know at least a few others Get it.keep your head down!!


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