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Monday, January 18, 2010

Iran and other terriost country's.

Iran vows vengence for death of a scientist.Ok we are in a suppoesed war with terriost.

We have troops in Iraq,Afgahnastan,pakastan,probally some in yemen by now.I am afraid I have to go with the people who say it's all just a distraction.

We are not fighting a war.And dont misunderstand me,I know the troops are fighting a war.But is our goverment fighting a war?It doesnt seem like it.

We haven't really fought a war since japan.They did this shit to our guys in Nam.I am probally about to be called a heartless Bastard or war monger,I'm not but to win a war you must be all out fuckin brutally ruthless.

Any country harbors terriost blow em off the fuckin map.We ended the war in japan period,yes innocent people died a lot of them.But our people are DYING everyday.while you brush your teeth in the morning someone is dying,eating lunch yep someones dying,by the time you pizza got delivered ya some americans will never come home.

I am neither a hawk nor dove.But they call this a war on terror,is this a war?For troops it's a war.For us no its a distraction.

Iran is probally nuclear by now, our sanctions,Oh yea they love Hilliary well its not really a deadline deadline.

Bring our troops home and as Hack said BOMB them back to the stone age! Iran vows vengence beat em to it,Bomb em back to the stone age.They all hate us anyway.There can be no politically correct in war.

Either bomb em or leave em alone.

I am not nor have ever been a solider.But after workin with and knowing a lot of Nam vets I feel there can be no politically correct,dont bomb close to the temples or rubber plantations,oh gee guess where the enemy will need permission to kill the enemy?

you need permission,uumm sir i thought this was a war.Did the vietcong get permission,are the jihadi's gettin permission.We are wasting american lives,time and money,being politically correct.


  1. This never was a war, it was as much a war as the "war on drugs" this, just like Vietnam this is all for profit, more excuses to siphon money and raise taxes.

    We could have sent a special detail to just get "the terrorists" but even "good ole" W said he had given up on finding the "terrorist" Ben Laden, he never cared, he just wanted an excuse for his string pullers.

    Look deeper into this issue, it gets darker and more disgusting, with the spooks, big business, and political whores making mistakes and then lies to make it worse.

    I agree, finish or get out, - BUT THAT NEVER WAS THE PLAN!

    More profit is made by perpetual "war" than winning.

  2. No doubt.and of course look what it would do to their 10% Ha unemeployment.

  3. Let's not forget the fact that "The war on terrorism" has given the government a vehicle to implement their unconstitutional agendas . Without putting the fear factor in place , they could never justify "The Patriot act" or "The department of homeland stupidity" to name a couple .

    The Patriot act is the most unconstitutional document produced in a very long time. It allows "them" to get away with unlimited surveillance , wire taps and much, much more . It has left the door open for many of the unconstitutional laws they have put in place over these last several years.

    Without scaring the American people into uniting behind the government, their agendas would take a lot longer to achieve. Just look at the amount of Freedoms they have taken since 9-11. I could almost see opening up a whole conspiracy theory about that whole mess but, I am not going there .
    What a crock folks . All the death and destruction all for personal and political gain .It will be nice when we are finally able to string these sh!tbirds from the tallest tree.

    I need a drink . Talk to you all later .



  4. Yes sir the govt profits all the way around on this one.I've said it before,what 100,000 goat herders comin to attack us yeah.Just sad the loss of life!

  5. Ha Ha 3% I think I know the one your talkin about yeah I said it in front of my Dad,and couple of others Oh my God.But it makes whole lot of since if you was gonna try to do what their doin!just cause I'm Paranoid doesnt mean their not out to get us.

  6. I believe that this IS a war in the eyes of our troops. We can't forget those brave souls who put their ass on the line in a noble cause. They however , are not to blame for this fiasco.

    I agree with Radio and 3% on this one . This "war" has been a huge benefit to the PTB and they are taking full advantage of this opportunity to further their cause .

    The PTB are guilty of HIGH TREASON, MURDER and GRAND THEFT in the most disgusting display of power mongering I have ever seen. If I were a lawyer I am certain I could come up with several dozen other charges.

    The bottom line is , we are the victims of an incredible hoax and they pulled this hoax in broad daylight and we, the American people did NOTHING to stop any of it .

    All that said, we have awakened and we are a fu**ing GIANT ! When the time comes for the PTB and banksters to pay for their crimes , they will wish they had never been born.

    I would not want to have to face a nation of people scorned as they will in the end . On that note , I am glad to be on this side of the tracks !

    Good article China ! Thanks bro !


  7. every comment here is true.We do have the finest army in the world,just a damn shame they are killin em for money.

  8. only lesson I can take away from this(war)is lesson from Nam an afgan mujahideen .A small angry force fighting in their back yard for their country can be an unstoopable force God help ANYONE foreign or domestic who trys it.


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