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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quitting the blog!

I almost quit blogging yesterday,been thinking about it ever since.I scared a hard right republican yesterday,she called me a radical.I opened their eyes to the fact that Bama was bring a million troops home to U.S. soil,she thought it was in case of a terriost attack,well hell we've had what maybe 20 jihadis in 10 years.

Then I pointed out that they are saying we will have food shotages, these ladies have kids I thought they might like to know in case they havent seen the news lately.

Well unless them goat herders,found some way to get here en mass.I have to say Bullshit on million troops for terriost attacks or rebuilding after disaster.

TOO much crap going on Banker - Wall Street fest,Oil,bail outs,helpin everybody but working people,bird flue B.S.,council of govenors, and ya I know it started under J.R. but who EXE order? So many Lies everyday just read the news!

Then a couple of friends said You will be investigated,hell I figured that from the get go,like I haven't noticed what goes on with my computer since I started blogs.

Yeah I noticed.Well I was mad and was Gonna quit,then a dear friend pointed out what if my little ol blog opened One persons eyes,possibly saved a life.Then one of my favorite readers came back home just in time to tell me thanks to keep it up.

So ya know what if I scared the sheep well you should be Scared very scared. And for PTB well I have never Printed ANYTHING that wasn't TRUE.I stick almost exclusively to real headlines for guys like my Dad who thinks there is a lot of bullshit on the net.

Dont want me to call you out QUIT lying to US.WE ARE WATCHING YOU,Investiagate away!!


  1. DAMN, CHINA ! I started reading this post and thought "Son of a Bitch, he is gonna quit". I finished reading and was very thankful for your final decision, to continue on fighting the good fight .
    I know that feeling you get when you try to tell others of coming events and past atrocities to Liberty and Freedom. They tend to poop their little panties and call you a freak, radical, psycho , etc etc.
    All I can tell you from the near 20 years of being a "psycho" , I opened 1 set of eyes and it was worth all of the BS the other 9,000 pairs of eyes gave me. I stay quiet nowadays, the time for talking is over with . I frequent several survival blogs and libertarian sites but, talking to people who keep their eyes shut just doesn't suit me anymore . I come here to keep in touch with other like minded individuals and to remain informed .
    Without people like you ,CHINA, we'd be sunk. Believe it or not , people do read these blogs and some of those are looking for information that might just change the way they think. As I told Mayberry and Catman , what they and yourself are doing is as important as any other act in the pursuit of Liberty is. You ARE doing a good thing brother , believe that.
    I for one fully appreciate the selfless acts you perform by setting up this blog and filling it with information that took your personal time to dig up . You guys deserve some kind of reward in my opinion.
    Like I always said , Keep up the great work and when others bring you down , just keep truckin man, we are all in this together.



  2. Thanks man,sometimes it just gets to be a bit much,how the hell can they be so blind.I truly came close but I aint a quitter in fact I'm more pissed than ever.Dudes like you Mayberry sunfighter I know I stand with good company hope the sheep can say the same.Thanks again Bro.

  3. Never let 'em see ya sweat brother. I am big on "EDUCATING THE MASSES" but, most people these days really don't want to hear/see the truth. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

    Just know that you are in good company and if we all ever meet up when TSHTF, oh what a mark we shall make ! Remember what Thomas Jefferson one said:

    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent"

    We must not remain silent anymore. You're doing a righteous thing , a patriotic thing by educating the masses.



  4. Well CS, you know it is going to be bad, all of us who blog about politics and preparedness know (and we all wish we didn't).

    I was bitching about the FED and the Fractional Reserve Banking FRAUD from 1982... I have been called a crackpot, radical, unpatriotic, and worse - and all of it is A BADGE OF HONESTY and CLEAR VISION.

    I had a good friend from the 80's recently send me an e-mail that basically was three pages of "damn you were right"...

    Use reason and logic to analyze the FACTS - then do what you think is right based on the FACTS.

    I look at the blogging issue as a way to blow some steam and have a place where I can send friends who need to see things...

    Hang in there brothers, and hope - but always think and prepare.

  5. Thanks fellas,I think it was partly due to week and half of physical strain an sleep depravation.Snow removal seems so much harder these days,not 25 anymore ya know.And the other part is these are smart people,how can they not see.I think they do and are scared.But ignoring this will not make it go away!I do appreciate the logic and kind words.


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