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It seems if you are a patrotic American who believes in the constitution and not socialism, then you too shall become an Enemy of the State !
I am not anti goverment, I am Anti Bad goverment!
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The people should not fear their goverment, their goverment should fear the people!

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

Sunday, February 7, 2010


SOME are scared,some are scared for me.I say and print things that scare em.

OK heres one the IRS is purchasing 60 remington 870 pump shotguns,fine gun,just sold mine last year to pay property taxes.I read where it is for their Criminal investigative Unit,First off is not paying taxes a shootable offense? And since the IRS is not a LEGAL agency anyway,why are they investigating Anyone?

If you don't believe they are Illegal go back check my older post links there,or research it,its True.
EVEN federal judges say its True yet they are afraid to Fuck with em. Man whats up with that?

DO you think you are FREE,try not paying taxes find Out how free you ARE. MUCH like the gestapo THE group other Bad groups are afraid!

Unfortuanetly if even you are right most of us would not have the money to fight them in Court,they have all the federal dollars you pay in to USE against you.Aint that some BS use your money against you.

I never wanted to be political,but WTF somebodys gotta be,I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer,but I do know when someones going up in me and BREAKIN it OFF.

And I do know it takes a resonable amount of taxes to run a country,no problem with that I would Happily pay and so would most others,however we dont want to work our Lives away just to watch some SOCIALST BASTARDS try to turn OUR FREE REPUBLIC into something WE already HATE.

AND once More we are not a DEMOCRACY,WE are a REPUBLIC,ok we were a REPUBLIC.GETTIN pissed now.THE FOUNDING FATHERS decided a Republic was the safest form of Govt,a Democracy is a majority of the people,if you are a baptist and the majority decided that either you become a methodist or be put to death.Guess what against your will you become a methodist or die! Get it? (Thats just an analogy not saying anything on any reglion just came out as an example.).SO DEMOCRACY can be Bad.REPUBLIC as long as THE PEOPLE stay VIGILANT very GOOD.If they dont stay vigilant you have what we now have,democracy on the VERGE of SOCIALISM.

A welfare state where only GOVERMENT can HELP you,they can feed you,send you to school,provide you housing,medical care.OH Wait they didnt tell you SOME of us MUST work to support your FREE programs.WEll I dont NEED Govt to DO anything,I am an AMERICAN.As long as my body and brain work I can figure things out for my self.ME and people like me HAVE done amazing things WE can and will do so again.

WE dont need GESTAPO telling us what WE must pay.WE dont need HOMELAND SECURITY who is more concerned with us angry citizens than REAL TERROIST.

YOU are afraid because you KNOW at some point Americans are gonna say FUCK this and we will come to your WHITEHOUSE and show you what we really want.

WE Want to be free from STUPID TAXES and programs that waste our money.BAILOUTS you dont bail out companys that fail they either make it or reorgainize as something else or they FAIL,at which point someone else steps up and does it right.GMAC lost 5 BILLION last quarter of 09.

5 billion taxpayer dollars.OK this is turning in to CHINA fixes AMERICA.YOU politicians should check out founding FATHERS as they said,THE govt that governs least is BEST.


  1. Wow... What a heck of a post. Thanks for speaking what I don't say. You said it for me.

  2. My pleasure.It gets really frustrating never being heard,actually being ignored is more accurate.We talk but they dont listen.Glad to see ya back.

  3. Well, it is frustrating ! We work our asses off so that they can overspend OUR money on someone who is too lazy to work for themselves (welfare). Don't get me wrong, some folks have a genuine need but, the majority are working the system and WE pay for it.

    Bail Outs ........ GRRRRRRRRR , fkn bastages , the companies they bailed out were already insolvent, which means they could not support themselves on their own , they were dead broke and dumping OUR cash and the cash of several generations to come , into an insolvent set of companies is outright THIEVERY !!

    TAXES !!!!! As I read somewhere , the 16th amendment was never properly ratified so, technically , THEY ARE ROBBING US by taxing our income. By backing their bullshit currency with DEBT and valuing it against TAXES COLLECTED is further criminal theft .

    200 years ago , all the politicians would be hanged for treason or placed in front of a firing squad and shot to death .

    You are well within your rights to say what you said and beside all that , I AGREE ! I reiterate , WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR exactly ? I guess there must still be a few billion that they can rip us off for so, why not wait til they finish before we hang them ?

    I know you agree with me here, China, we are blowing it by sitting on our collective asses and letting this continue, aren't we ? Are we waiting until 2012 (s)elections ? Maybe we are waiting for a leader who we can trust and believe in , to usher us into a proper revolution ?

    What exactly are the citizens of this country waiting for ? I am already on several lists by now , especially after kicking 2 IRS agents asses in my driveway and I wonder why I sit and wait to go further . WHAT AM I WAITING FOR ?

    Damn China , now I went and confused myself LOL ....... Ok , just 1 drink , I promise :)

    Great post , I had to calm down before I replied though .



  4. EZ now killa,you are right,but even a bad ass army of three aint gonna do it.Unfortunetly we are waiting for the rest of America to get it.Now there is more and more talk of regulating internet,why if I have to mail letters I will do so,Fuckers aint gonna win.2 tin cans and wire to strech from cali to indy if neccasary,they aint gonna win,we get extra string and cans make it a party line,They aint gonna win.

  5. HAHA !!! That's the spirit ! They can take away the internet , the phones , the TV and our money and rights but, they obviously cannot take away a mans SPIRIT or his PRIDE.

    I know what you mean but, if we wait for the rest of em , we're doomed :( ....... No I am not going to set off on a mission of 1 man , that is stupid but, if we wait for the rest of the sheep to see the wolves , we are screwed .

    I guess that we will be in the middle of a war in our yards, no other way it can possibly work out . It's just too late already and the longer we sit and wait , the worse it will get for us all . I agree with you though , there isn't much choice at this point .



  6. Off Topic
    I must be anal.
    You misspelled Theories in your header.
    Just trying to be helpful.
    Hey, at least I am paying attention!

  7. Ha Ha thanks dude yeah my spelling and grammar and punctuation have all went to hell.




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