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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Survivalist blog.Rangerman.and Suburban Survivalist.

Rangerman has a post up at his SHTF blog.

Describing an incident at MD Creekmores The Survivalist Blog.

And Suburban Survivalist has posted about it at his place.

Now I always thought Creekmore was a pretty good dude.I had noticed over last couple years he is getting more commercial, oh well his blog more power to him.I seen a while back he said if ya wanted to be listed on his site ya had to be at least Middle to high score on goggle something or other.I checked it for fun.Two of mine made it American minuteman didn't its blog for a distinct reader.Needless to say I did not ask for a link.The people in my blogroll are people I like to read,if they link back to me cool,if they don't cool.

So to see Rangerman post a comment then get ripped on for it by some moral high ground prepper hero and then be edited so as not being able to defend his self to me is bullshit!



  1. It never ceases to amaze me how people interpret & extrapolate information. A society is doomed when wrong is considered right and right becomes relative. It's a moral argument but morality is the only glue that binds the quality of a society.

    You see (presumably) my comments as being high & mighty simply because I do not agree with Ranger Man et al & question his motives. What you may not understand or fail to grasp is vital - RM's thoughts that lead to what he wrote & he represents many.

    The reason this country is in the deep mess is because of the "gent mine & F the rest of you" attitude. I do not blame RM per se because he has been infected by this off base thinking. Forty years ago this type of thinking would have been considered vulgar & never tolerated.

    So now RM is rewarded & those who step up and call things for what they are - wrong - are demonized.

    What many fail to realize as well & I never said until this writing is that Ranger Man could have, very easily acknowledged his mistake, asked for "forgiveness" and all would have been well. We all have brain farts, yes even me Mr. Moral, I screw up more than most. (BTW, I treaded lightly on using the word "forgiveness" because the obvious connotation may infuriate some but it applies perfectly). However, he proved he did not have the character to do so & that my friend is sad that he couldn't even go there.

    So here you are with a blog and you provide influence to the masses (10 people on up) & bluster on how it's bullshit that RM could not defend himself. Did you ever consider that it is impossible to defend a wrong? Further, imagine if everybody thought like he did and decided to take what they could for themselves and leave a wake of "dead" bodies, it would be utter chaos.

    Is this acceptable to you?

    It is not to me & I'll stand up & speak out. Remember Semper Fi means always faithful, not when things fit my agenda or it's convenient.


  2. Jason.I feel that the moral high ground is usually the correct route.I think part of RM comment was a little tongue n cheek.If you have children do you mean to tell me if it was teotawawki you would not do anything to save them? I do mean Teotwaki not depression as creekmore changed it.I was merely upset that Creekmore edited and wouldn't allow comment as written.I also feel you took it too literally.Honestly dude I hope there will be moral people at the collapse but I think morals will fall by the wayside quickly.Credit card companys have screwed many I seen it as tit for tat.You seeing it literally yes it would be wrong.One thing me and all 10 of my readers is open and friendly debate.Have a great day!


  3. Jason,well hell I have always been loyal to a fault. I apologize to you personally for moral high ground remark.A man should not be demonized for saying the right thing! I do think you took it to serious,but I should not tell you how to think.I stand by what I said it is BS that Creekmore wouldn't allow RM to speak,in my opinion!


  4. Thank you China III for the kind words.

    To clarify, what I took serious was Ranger's thought that lead to what he wrote. He does have a quirky style which, admittedly I enjoy but again the mere suggestion of "stealing" got Christine to join in and defend and that, in lies the problem.

    All of this is independent of what Creekmore did or did not do. What is humorous is that many use Creekmore as the basis of the wrong thing when in fact it was Ranger's comment that was wrong.

    Whether TEOTWAWKI happens a week from Tuesday or in 2025 has nothing to do with the fact that RM, then Christine were willing to steal when times get tough - and that was my point.

    If you will reread what they said it was so brazen & in your face, I was appalled that someone actually felt it was their right to do so AND never acknowledged the possibility of it being wrong. As I stated earlier, 40 years ago IF someone made claims like this they would have been ostracized to the nth degree by everyone and banished from society!

    Would I do such a thing and steal if I was desperate? That is a great question and based upon my past & upbringing I'd say no. I was raised with values & had no money as a child. I learned how to work, entertain people for money and collect bottles for cash and so on to provide for whatever extras I wanted in life. Regardless of how badly I wanted something, I never considered stealing as a way to speed the process. I kept thinking of ingenious, creative ways to get what I wanted.

    Forty plus years later, not much has changed in my thinking and has lead me to become to a successful businessman dealing with finances.

    In that industry the temptation is huge and, if clever enough, you could get away with much personal financial gain with a few simple lies. I could & would not but still became successful. It took longer but I slept well, my vacations were financed with earned money & I have 3 great, productive kids.

    In a world where everybody is looking for acknowledgement, sometimes people get off track seeking agreement for what is popular irrespective of truth.

    Doing the right thing is the reward itself & needs nothing more. Any pats on the back for doing so is a merely a bonus but not the goal.

    Here is an interesting article that started off from a thought of how to make money & grew into ... well, you can figure it out. Believe me, there was a right way to do this and integrity sold out to velocity.

    Again, thank you for being a man of character - spread the example, our nation is crying for it!


  5. Thanks to everyone for all the interest in The Survivalist Blog. I do have one quick correction, no fault of RM or Suburban Survivalist – in the comments of the mentioned post, I also deleted / edited several negative / aggressive comments that were directed toward Ranger Man and others.

    The part I removed from his comment was (I thought) in response to a comment of my own which I had removed in hopes of preventing a flame war, making said part of his comment redundant to the conversion, or at least so I thought.

    It is nothing personal against him or anyone else but an attempt on my part to make the comments more useful to my readers.

    If anyone would like more information or has more feedback, feel free to email me at or post here. I’m always happy to answer questions.

    M.D. Creekmore

  6. Thank you Md,I thought it got weird,as I had never seen you delete or edit readers before.Sounds like it got misunderstood.


  7. chinasyndrome,

    I sent the same comment (above)to both Rangerman and Suburban Survivalist we'll see if they post.

    The whole thing was a big mess and I got caught in the middle. I just wish everyone knew all the facts before taking others to task as we both know it's easy for such things to get blow out of proportion.

  8. I am sometimes too quick to come to aid of friends or under dogs.I consider my self justly spanked.


  9. Let's be clear, I submitted a comment (twice) on the definition of TEOTWAWKI which did not agree with Creekmore's. Twice it did not make it. He emailed me that he had deleted the comment of his I was replying to and so deleted mine as well, but that comment of his is still there (unless he's removed it, again).

    And making comments "more useful" and preventing flame wars? Really? I don't buy it. Two people posted comments that did not jive with what Creekmore was saying. In contrast most commenters there agree with whatever he says. Those slightly critical comments were deleted or the critical parts were edited out. That's the bottom line.

  10. Let’s look at maxing out a credit card before TEOTWAWKI.

    #1) I don’t know TEOTWAWKI is coming. I spend what I normally do and I have a credit card bill (normally paid in full each month). The credit card company pays the vendors (accounts credited, whatever). After TEOTWAWKI I will have no way to pay the credit card company. In fact, the company will not exist. They will not have a way to receive funds. They won’t need to pay their bills, either. The bank won’t exist.
    ==>Who got hurt? [No one]

    #2) Now let’s say I do know TEOTWAWKI is coming. I max out the card. The credit card company pays the vendor. Maybe the vendor has time to spend it, maybe not. After TEOTWAWKI I will have no way to pay the credit card company. In fact, the company will not exist. They will not have a way to receive funds. They won’t need to pay their bills, either. The bank won’t exist.
    ==>Who got hurt? [No one]

    Assuming this is the standard TEOTWAWKI survivalists mean when they use that term, in both cases the credit card company, all its debt, all its credit balance, will be gone. No one will get hurt. No one will miss a paycheck b/c we maxed out those cards. Even if we maxed out the cards and paid them off the day before TEOTWAWKI, *that* would benefit no one at all. That's the reality of this specific situation.

    Now let’s assume the extra food/gear/etc. purchased saves the lives of several family members/neighbors, etc. Good or bad. What about knowing TEOTWAWKI and not maxing out the card? Good, or bad?

    Let's further assume that at least some of those vendors received payment from the credit card company (that's how it works with my side business) before TEOTWAWKI hits. Those vendors buy stuff they need that they may not have been able to purchase before (remember, they don't know TEOTWAWKI is around the corner, so aren't going crazy with credit). When TEOTWAWKI hits, they have this stuff they bought that otherwise might be looted from stores. Good or bad?

    We got to keep in mind, this is only possible in this very specific case – you *know* TEOTWAWKI is coming (but probably no one else does). This is NEVER going to happen, it’s a completely ***hypothetical scenario***. I agree with Ranger Man on this, and reject the holier-than-thou static others have offered.

  11. Suburban,I seen Rangermans point in true TOETWAKI no one would be hurt because all systems are finished.To Jasons point if ya intentionally was gonna defraud regardless it would be morally wrong.That being said if it would save my family yeah I would probably do it and then it would be between me and God.


  12. China,

    Another example.

    Post TEOTWAWKI you come across a wrecked SUV far off the road. The driver and passenger are dead in the front, dried like mummies. In the back cargo area is a wealth of still good gear/food/ammo/etc. Is taking it stealing?

    In this case, you can see the owners are dead, it’s scavenging. Morally wrong? It’s not yours, the owners are right there.

    In the credit card case, you have foreknowledge that the credit card company will be dead. Assuming this foreknowledge is correct, there is nothing you can do that will save the credit card company.

    I think the notion of this foreknowledge is tripping people up. And remember, it’s a hypothetical that can never really happen.

  13. China,

    You can't reason with Suburban Survivalist no matter how reasonable you are. He is determined to find evil where there is none. I will not be wasting anymore of my time with this nonsense.

  14. Fellas lets all agree that if TEOTAWAKI hits there will be many hard choices to make,and we each in our own way and time must make our own.

    May the Good Lord help us all.

    Boys that is why I prep.Hopefully it won't be needed and I will have plenty of beans,rice,wheat,etc and a great firearms collection with plenty o ammo to shot in my old age with a lot of knowledge learned and a lot of friends made through prepper movement.


  15. Suburban Survivalist -

    1. Let's suppose that the moon crashed into Venus and caused a massive solar flare that melted the earth and your fancy HP pocket protector. Let's further assume that Taiwan purchased Alaska water futures 2 days prior this TEOTWAWKI. Would Al Gore be right about global warming?

    2. A thief breaks into your pup tent, trips over your child's pacifier (could be Ranger Man's) and becomes paralyzed. Does he have the right to :

    A. Sue you
    B. Get shot by you
    C. Receive government sponsored medical help
    D. Get loaded into the SUV (see above) and driven to ...
    E. Call you "anal retentive"
    F. Accuse Creekmore for starting this inane ruckus
    G. Shower with Barack Obama

    Please choose 3 in order of most likely first, then cascade down. Points will be deducted if you choose Al Gore.

    All of this is about as relevant & useful as your meanderings above. Bottom line - Ranger was wrong regardless & so are the fool(s) who defend that action.

    Please change your identifier photo to something more appropriate - Don Knotts. If Clint Eastwood got wind of the above, he'd grit his teeth and say "survivalism is looking for a few good men ... and you ain't it".





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