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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey guys well my Birthday was 2-10 I didn't post it cause I was a bit sad.My Grandads was the same day,he died year before last.And my Buddy Threeper passed not long after my B-day last year.I miss them both like crazy!

My Grandad was an old school hill billy but with a bit of education and served in the Navy during Korea. The old man lived in Tenn most of his life he would move up here to be around his kids and Grand kids then miss having homestead and next thing you knew he was packing up and moving back.I don't think there was much the old man Couldn't do. He still copper pots and coils from his moonshiner days. If it was a fruit or vegetable he could make wine out of it. I remember one time when I was about 14 we were out in Dads garage working on trucks,the old man came up for a visit. He came out to the garage with a 5 gal glass water bottle full of red liquid.He made a batch of tomatoe wine,they all got shit faced.

He could do anything in the way of the manly arts.Build a house,concrete,weld,butcher hogs,etc etc.

He was actually my step Grandad know that I think about,I forgot. My Mom and you would say step Dad,I wouldn't. Got married when I was 5. The old man shook my hand then gave me a hug and said in that loud southern voice of his I am your Grandpaw now.And so he was. His wife a semi evil woman told me her name was Eva and she was not my Grandma.In my mind she never was.She sorta tried later but,nother story nother time....

But I miss the old man my squirrel and deer hunting partner. One time on our B-day I called him up,I think he was about 83 on that one,I was probably 35 or 36 he said well Danny Marc do ya feel older? I said no sir You? He said hell I don't feel a day past 60!

That same winter he went out on his Honda big red three wheeler and got a deer.

My buddy Three percent 4 Freedom. At lot of ya seen Threeper on the blogs. He was a Marine Corp scout/sniper.For those like me who thought there was no Real action between Vietnam and Desert Shield Threeper could've proved other wise. This dude knew more about prepping,guns,etc than almost anyone I have talked to.Yet he never spoke down or acted like a know it all,more like a kind teacher or a friend telling ya what worked for him.For those of you who don't read American Minuteman somewhere way back his Buddy R3volution describes what happened when two IRS agents came to seize his unimoog. Threeper was not the type to be man handled as the two agents learned.We never got to meet in person.We were gonna hook up do some shootin and drinkin...

Well God had other plans. For those of ya like me who don't trust or even like a whole lot of folks you probably understand the loss of a friend like that. Someone who looks at stuff a lot like you etc. Threeper died no long after my B-day last year. I am not embarrassed to tell ya I cried like a little girl.

I know I am not not the only one to lose people,I'm not trying to get pity or nothing just explaning the world seemed a little smaller this B-day. My family threw a great party so did the girls at work.

So I don't know if you all have B-days in heaven or if you should even talk to those gone,but Boys I love and miss ya both!



  1. I know what you mean China. Lost two friends now I've never met: Threeper and Did it MYway. I wish I could have met them both. Kinda wellin' up just writing this...

  2. Thanks Bro! Yeah I ran up on Tony at the end didn't really get to know him but by all accounts Great dude. Threeper loved your blog Catmans,Sunfighter.Anybodys that sez it like it and loves freedom.


  3. ...nuff said Bro...KeepTheFaith

  4. Ken my Brother I am doing my Best!


  5. Happy birthday, China!

    Yep, you should still talk to those that are gone.

    Your grandpap sounds like mine. Been gone a long time now. He taught me a lot... Hunting, shooting, fishing, boats, etc....

    My dad dieds in 09. I miss him too. A lot. He was my buddy.

    Moms been gone since 98. She was only 60. Crazy woman! :)

    Lost some friends from my Army days. Tight friends. It's life, my friend. Nothing you can do about it.

    Keep the memories. Keep talkin' to 'em.

    Stay safe.

  6. Sad days indeed .......... Happy Birthday (belated) Just the same my friend . I hope for the best for you and yours man , with things becoming what they are, I fear more sad days are close ahead .

    Stay safe and be prepared ! God Bless and Good Luck everyone!!!





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